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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by jonesy5149, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Excellently stated, jp14. I am in complete agreement with every point you stated. For me, the only semblance of organizational certification that matters to me is my company's Better Business Bureau rating. That is of more importance to a customer than any CAC or IPPCA certification.
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    Well Said, and i agree I don't think it's bad, almost every trade has a certification it is just a piece of paper. Getting the proper education is key and you can not put a price on that and every manufacture has there own way of doing things as long as it's installed right it should work. Here is what i run into over here in my area and I'm not saying this is everyone. Certified contractors installing jobs that have just been destroyed. Here is another hard part we can't blame the manufactures they can't police everyone but there does need to be more stick rules. This is a great trade we are in but there are so many difference's in option especially koi ponds vs water gardens and if you can put koi in a water garden. It all comes down to this we all need to help each other and try to get as much education as we can through multiple sources.
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    One quick comment...almost every trade does have manufacturer based certification programs. But before you can get certified to install a certain brand of light fixtures, plumbing fixture or furnace for example, there is an expectation that you are a licensed electrician, plumber or HVAC contractor or at least working in an apprenticeship program. We need that same expectation of industry wide knowledge and training before manufacturer specific certifications have any value in our industry. Otherwise manufacture/trade group certification programs act as defacto proof of competence. I don't accept that situation nor do I think we can continue as an industry unless this issue is properly addressed.
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    Being a CAC is a waste. Their seminars are great for beginners or even a good refresher course at best. I dealt with them for 10 years. I have 2 of my projects on their web site, 1 on their brochure, and had their name mentioned in newspaper articles with my projects. Unless I was willing to pay the money every year for their program, (which is a joke), they could care less to deal with me. The customer assistance and relationship I've found with Atlantic is night and day. And there is a reason why Aquascape's sales drop significantly each year.
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    How do you compare ADI's stuff to Atlantic? I use Pond Builder the most, but the only thing I really like about ADI is the horizontal filter mats in the skimmer.
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    In the being a member of an association realm....what is the benefit? To YOU!

    Years back, to be a CAC you had to be "exclusive" with them. Against my grain.

    With others it was agendas.

    If you need access to forums, it looks like you have a good one here and if you dig deeper you might find more in the rabbit hole:usflag:

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