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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by CFLS22, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Thanks man. Your a great inspiration for me I hope to be similar in size to you someday. I hope to expand alot for next season since I will have my liscence and will be able to have a larger service area. What worked best for advertising so far for you?
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    You'll be there soon doesn't take much just will power. I don't see myself all that far yet. I'm lookin forward to try and expand more next year too. The one and only thing I have done for business is flyering. I just targeted middle class and elderly neighborhoods. One thing to do is once you have a client focus on their neighbors. Most of our lawns are set up to where we park and do 2-3 lawns in one sitting. You would be shocked how much time you save doing that. Which gives you more time to do another lawn that day
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  3. nnusskern

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    Thanks for the advice I look forward to seeing both of us expanding.
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    Speaking of Flyers and advertising, Have any of you tried door hanging? or even direct mail? If you are interested in that you should check out A'Deas Printing. ( We have different specials for those. If you would like any more info or want some pricing let me know My name is Glenda and my number is 1-866-778-4254 or my email is
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    So when it starts to dry up like this I assume you all go every other week unless the lawns have irrigation. So when you do go biweekly do you raise the price to and every other week price since they are normally weekly or keep it the same? Haven't had this bad of a drought in my couple of years
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    We are on contract and get payed by month, so most of the customers pay regardless of how often we are there.

    With that said, we have some really good customers that are always paying for extra's, paying on time, or doing other things to make our job easier and I often give them a bit of a break if there grass is dead and we;re doing less work.

    Another note, every account has a day that it cuts, and I go on that day. Even if I know it may not need a cut, there are nearly always weeds that come up and I show my face to do trimming at the very least. Not many accounts get skipped because there is nothing that needs to be done.

    If their grass is dead and you have nothing to do as far as maintenance, I'm sure that your customers would absolutely love if you offered to do some other type of service that would take around the same amount of time/effort. Instead of just leaving it for next week, offer to do a little weeding, pruning, cut some branches, etc. If they are paying every week, they'd love to see you there doing something, that is a good way to keep customers happy!
  7. CFLS22

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    That's what I really want to be doing I am for sure next year lots of people don't realize this is for a living. Kinda tough to just get the pay cut off ha
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  8. CFLS22

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    Hey guys its been awhile since my last post, I've been swamped trying to keep up with work! Here's some more pics!








  9. CFLS22

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    Just a few more Last pic of my first leaf clean up of the year which I really didn't want to start this early.... Was proud tho because I never had to use the vac on it just pure mulch kit and was spotless! :dancing:








  10. CFLS22

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    And just last couple to throw in...
    Last 3 Pics is Before Middle and End result.






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