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CFM Needed To.....

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What is a good range of CFM to blow out a 1" 13 GPM sprinckler line?
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100-125 cfm at what pressure?
Do you agree with 100-125 CFM too?
Thanks, were in S.E. MI are you located?
What time of the year do you usually winterize?
When do you try to have them all done by?
Have you ever tried to do more than 3 zones at a time with the 185 CFM compressor?
What kind of compressor do you use to do a 1" line?
How much CFM does your dad's compressor produce?
How can you tell if you need more CFM?
Do you know hoe much CFM your Dad's compressor produces?
Thanks for checking on the CFM, is it ok to use the side inlet on Maxi-Paws, or will they freeze?
When you say blown out correctly you mean with enough CFM right?
Can you tell if you have enough CFM/pressure by looking at the heads while blowing out a zone?
Example: If the heads do not pop-up fully, their is not enough CFM.
Is more CFM required for longer sprinkler lines?
Let me clarify, the sp line is 1" 13GPM but the length from the manifold to the last head on the zone is 450'. Will more CFM be required to blow out this line?
I decided to rent this year I reserved a 100CFM tow behind, how do you regulate the pressure?
Is it ok to connect the air hose to the 1/4" ball valve on the VB? Or will this small of a pipe size recuction cause a decrease in the amount of CFM that can pass through to the sp lines?
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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