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CFM Needed To.....

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What is a good range of CFM to blow out a 1" 13 GPM sprinckler line?
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We get the 185 as well and can do 2-3 zones at a time. These are all residentials. Commercial is usually one at a time.

By doing 2-3 zones at a time and with out meeting the customer (having them shut water off before we're there) I can do 15-25 in a day. Have done 30 in one long day before. Schedule as close as possible to avoind down time driving.
If I know the system and the zones are fairly small, sure, I can do more than 3 zones. You can always try it and shut down zones as needed. We try and not even communicate with the client when we are there for the service. We open the zones manually thru the bleeder or solenoid. If the valve is a known problem, meaning it won't shut down manually, we have battery operated actuators. Most resi systems here have the manifold in on or two places. Not the multiple alves throughout the yard.

Guys, this is not rocket science. If it was I'd better be making a lot more $$$. Go to your local rental shop, even if you are planning to buy a compressor (who knows, maybe they have one for sale. Quite often they do), and ask them what most companies use. Have them show you the different sizes, how to adjust the pressure, the hoses, hook ups. if you rent and it doesn't meet your needs, take it back. Get a larger or smaller compressor. Get one to make it quick, easy and efficient.


The compressors have a ball valve at the point where you hook the hoses up. I also have a ball valve at the end of the hose where I hook to the PVB, RP, manifold or where ever. I'll post a pic of my set up for attaching the the POC.
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Diesel - if I can make a suggesstion, find someone who has done this before to go out with for a couple hours and figure this out. It's not that difficult and you'll learn more watching it be done properly than by asking us all these questions.
I'll post a pic when I actually find it in my garage. Blow outs start Monday so it looks like I'll be cleaning the garage this weekend. but the wife has the digital camera in Chicago for the next week so it will be delayed.
Sorry if my reply to Diesel was rude. But this is not that difficult. We all had to take our lumps in learning and waste a little time by doing things wrong a few times. Just ask someone if you can watch how it is done on one or two.

Although it is not the best to hook up to the test cocks on the PVB or RP, that is the way most residentials are done here. Not many companies put a threaded fitting after or before the backflow preventer. There are a few out there. Sometimes we can hook to the manifold drain. But honestly, I can still do 2-3 resi zones at a time by using the test ----. Have done it for years and never damaged one.
I'll post the pic Thursday. wife (ok - sprinklerguy - girlfriend) will be back Tuesday. I'll post the set up and some winterizing pics.
I have shown one comapany how to blow out systems, but it is a fert, aerate, application company. And in return I have received a ton of business from them. We have developed a great working relationship where I service his clients for sprinkler work and I send him customers for his services. I send an extra note in my spring letter with his info, and he does the same for me. He is also a lawnsite member.

I have also offered sprinklerguy to come out with me and watch as he has moved to my area. (sorry I've been busy to call but will on Monday).

Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. These are not NASA secrets. Your trying to give help, suggestions, info on this board, but you won't give it if someone asks directly? Don't you think they will find a way to help you at some point.
He was doing the winterizing as a way to make a little money at the end of the season and keep his name and face out in front of his customers. He and I had worked a little bit together earlier in the season so we already had the working relationship. He had asked if I wanted some work (aearating for him) as well during September into first week of October since that time seems to slow down for me. I declined because it would have been difficult for me to break away for some repair calls that would have come in, and I also just wanted some time off.

We are going to discuss other things this off season. He has some extra office space and I want to get the office out of the home.
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