# CFM thru 3/8" hose.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jcom, Jul 26, 2010.

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    The one thing that might make an attempt to maximize the truckmount's capacity worthwhile, is gaining the ability to run a small missile. That would be about the only thing, outside of a local bargain, that would motivate me to want to wrestle around with a 10 HP pump, which might be able to run from a 16 HP engine, as long as I keep the pressure low enough. One important component of a DIY rig is a variable-diameter pulley, which will let you tweak operation, for maximum air.
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    when we were doing a lot of gunite work we had a truck mount IR 500 cfm compressor.

    i think that rig taught us a few things, one lesson is when the truck won't run you're out a compressor and when the compressor the truck is of little use.

    a gunite company in our area uses skid mounted 500's so if the compressor goes down, you rent a compressor, same thing with the truck...........

    a 125 can be modified by stripping the axle, springs and shackles, tongue and sheet metal. just guessing you could drop the weight to 1500 lbs or less.

    the reel/reels aren't a problem for small hose, this may be a good set-up for the snow plow guys as they could get a little more use from their trucks.

    i've seen many backhoe/dozer specific trucks for use in the mountains and the heavy traffic of big cities, these have been running around since i can recall although rollbacks are replacing them now.

    ironically this is an option that i've been looking into lately for both equipment transport and the compressor for a small mountain community near me.
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    Now on sale!! The truckmount compressor that can do it all!


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