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CGM and the EPA


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Northcentral MA
Why is CGM such a mystery when it comes to package labeling? I've been told by a CGM supplier that they have a CGM 10-0-0 product that is labeled as a fertilizer and exempt from EPA registration and another CGM (same exact ingredients) that is labeled as an herbicide (costs a lot more more) that is EPA registered.

I've talked to a couple of this suppliers resellers and they didn't know there were two versions of CGM.

I am not applying pesticides in my organic lawn care program and will not be able to obtain the MA pesticide applicator license during my first season of operations.

If the package label does not have an EPA registration number and I OK to use the material without a license?


trying 2b organic

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I'm in Canada but my eg may help as the laws may be similar.

If i want to sell cgm as a herbicde, as organic weed and feed, then i have to sell the brand of cgm that has been tested and proven by the govt of canada to effectively reduce weeds (Turfmaize) I also have to have a pesticide licence to apply this product since it is a registered pesticide and not yet on the exempted list.

Therefore since i am an organic provider and dont have or want a pesticide licence i advertise my not Turfmaize cgm as an organic fertilizer. I add that this organic fertlizer has proven in studies to prevent weeds. But of course thats not what I use it for, I use it as a fertlizer wink wink. I want to have the link to the studies on my website and I carry a copy of a study with me. In person I will tell my customers what the side effects of this fertlizer are and warn them not to use it if they are planning to overseed.

I am trying to get the govt of canada who spends tonnes of money warning people of the dangers of pesticides to simply add this to the exempted list. Legalize one of the alternatives to trad. pesticides., it wont cost them a cent. But this is govt. we are talking about.