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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Outback Designz, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Outback Designz

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    does anyone put fences up also? wood or chain link fences. Has it profitable doing the fences? have any pointers? thinking about doing fences along with lawn and landscape work. any tricks to share? Thanks everyone.
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  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi Foxlawncare,

    Here is a quote from this post that may be helpful.

    "I charge $10 a hole if I have trac there, or $12 plus $75 for delievery of trac. If they complain just let do a few themselfs then $10/12 will seem cheap"
  4. IndyPropertyCare

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    Foxlawn...... Yes, we do fences ( wood ) to fill in open time during the summer months. It is very profitable if you know how to bid the price according to the style of fence the customer wants. The basic installed price runs $14 per foot. As for chain link style fences, they are a PIA to me and I just dont like doing them. I feel like I have accomplished something when I get done with a wood fence :D
  5. steve in Pa.

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    we installed some chain link this year. very profitable.
  6. Mike Fronczak

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    If you guys have any more info on the fence installation bus. could you post it(suppliers etc.) Thank you.
  7. Outback Designz

    Outback Designz LawnSite Member
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    Have started wood fence at my house. Does not seem to bad. Once I get all the correct tools, future fences will go quicker.

    Anyone else have any info or good web sights to checks out? I have searched the web finding very little about fence installs. Going to library tomorrow to see whar they have.

    All and all think I will give it a try. Learn as I go. Learning alot from my fence.

    Keep it coming. Thanks

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    Hey Fox,

    We did some fences over the summer and they turned out to be VERY profitable as they led into more yard work during the season as well. Check out the job if you want under "before and after" at
  9. Malach636

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    Fences are a great way to earn more money. Is is highll profitable is you can estimate correctly. I have been doing fences for 5 years now. I t is my primary business. Anybody who needs info can contact me @

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