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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by homerescue, Oct 16, 2003.

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    hi everyone. is it possible to take a chainsaw with a 16 inch chain and bar and put a larger bar and chain on it say up to 20 inch or more. stihl 024L one of the small saws. not wanting to cut larger trees with it, but to cut back larger hedges say from 6' in height to around 4'. just an idea to make things go faster and more evenly. maybe just a foolish thought, but has it been tried or any opinions. thanks guys.
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    check your owners manual or maybe the stihl website. usually a saw standard with a 16" bar, would accept up to a 20" bar. However it also depends on hp. with the larger bar it may struggle more.

    also don't know what your cutting back, but hand pruning with loppers may be more effective. you'll get a cleaner cut, and be able to shape it rather than hacking away the plant.

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    Rent some serious gas hedge trimmers, I have used a set of redmax ones that could handle like a 1" plus ......
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    Your Stihl 024 will take a 24" bar, just as long you are doing very light trimming with it.

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