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What are you using it for? Cordwood or limbing? Use it daily or will it sit on the shelf for months at a time?

My saw, it doesnt get much use but when I do need it it fires right up and gets the job done-Husky 41 a good all-purpose saw but its kinda small for cutting large quantities of firewood. Stihl, IMO, makes the best saw. My next one will be a stihl 028 or whatever equivalent is around when the time comes.

If you are using a saw for limbing get one with a top handle so you can use it one-handed.


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Lawman, I suggest you look at stihl . I have used them for almost 20 years cutting timber. Stihl saws will run the same when it`s 100 degrees in the shade or -10 below .i dont know what you will be using a saw for but I can get 2 years out of a 066 that`s roughly 3 million feet of timber or 850 tractor trailer loads of logs.most guys that used to run husky saws that I know of now run stihls .good luck with your choice.


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If you decide to look at lowes
be careful.Ithink they might be purposely
misleading. look closely at the specs.
If you want your best chance at a
trouble free saw STIHL AND HUSKYS


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I have a husky. I don't use it too often so its plenty for what I need. Its been very good too me and starts all the time. IMO Husky or stihl!!

Eric E.

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If you are using a saw for limbing get one with a top handle so you can use it one-handed.
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! One handed chain saw use is never recommened by the manufacturer. Look up the ANSI Z-133 Safety Requirements for Pruning, Trimming, Repairing, Maintaning, and Removing Trees, and Cutting Brush. These are the standards that OSHA will use against you.


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How do the echos hold up? Just wondering?

Levi Duncan