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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SproulsLawnCare, May 27, 2005.

  1. SproulsLawnCare

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    I'm thinking seriously about putting together a striping kit using chain. The only real thing holding me back is I can just imagine loading the mower on my trailer and having one of the links getting caught in the gate. Anyone out there who has had experience with a chain striping kit on a Z-turn and a mesh trailer ramp/gate?on
  2. theyardstop

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    no mesh gate here .. have an enclosed trailer ,,
    just my .02 worth here..

    I had put a chain stripe kit on my deere 757 . It did help make great stripes,, but I couldnt stand the noise it made.
    it wasnt that bad on the grass but anytime your traveling to and from the yard its noisy,, and the homeowners and people close by, look at you like your nuts. I usually use that mower when were out ,, and it wasnt until I had one of my helpers on it, that I noticed how bad it was.
    To anwser your question though,,I dont think you would have any problems with the gate. mine never got caught in the hing.

    Ohh.. another thing.. If you have any propertys with a ditch be carful how far the bar is hanging. a couple of times I turned in one and it would tear up the grass.

    I'm going to put on a rubber mat instead ,, just havent had time to build it.
  3. Tony1045

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    I have a chain strip kit I made. Use it all the time, on and off a trailer with a standard issue steel mesh gate. The chains do not get caught in the gate or on the trailer or for that matter on anything. There are pics of the stripe kit listed on the link listed below. The only "problem" I ran into was that the "S" hooks I used to attach the chain to the angle iron were opening up. A simple tack weld on each and the problem was solved. Long and short, it works great and no problems with it getting hooked on anything. Hope this helps, Tony
  4. Runner

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    I have the striping roller by York. About 300 bucks, if I remember correctly. While it works well, if I was going to do it again, I would definitel go with the chains. I always thought mine would be hung a little higher, and perhaps drag a little longer than the one in the pics, though. The chains are the way to go, though.
  5. qwikv6

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    I just made a chain striping kit. I have a Scag Tiger Cub and I located it between the rear tires. I mounted it underneath on the belly pan of the engine. I used 1/4 inch chain from Lowes (about $30), and a piece of predrilled angle iron(about $8) and bolts to hold the chain on. I have about 8 links of chain hanging from the middle of the angle iron. And 6 links on the outside closest to the tires so it doesn't catch when turning.
    I have to say that I wish I would have done it sooner. It lays down great stripes. You will love it. And for about $40 you can't beat it.
  6. Runner

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    So, what you mean, is that you have 8 links of chain that actually drag on the ground, right? I can see where that would be adequate for effect. See, the nice thing about the chain is, when you back up to a tree or a bed, the stripe starts at exactly the bed edge.
  7. Tommy Boy

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    Ok, dumb me, can some explain the striping thing, I know what it looks like, how do you get it to stripe. Easy - I'm new I see some add chains, do the chains contact all the time? What's the advantage other then looking like a fairway? I have a customer who asked about it. Thanks for your help stay safe. :waving:
  8. Tony1045

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    The chains drag the ground all the time. As your going forward, it bends, or lays the grass over in that direction. Then when you turn and come back the other direction, it bends the grass in that direction, thus giving you the dark, light, dark, light line effect of striping. In my opinion it just gives a more professional, finished looking appearance that the "Joe average" homeowner can't obtain. Hope this helps. Tony
  9. heavenlydeere

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    i made a chain kit for one of my 777s and ripped it right off in 15 min , it cought on a little hill and tore it off, i just ordered a new 777 and got jds stripe kit on it, in my opinion rollers are better!!!
  10. Tony1045

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    Heavenly, just curious, what was your chain kit made from and how was it made? I can't see mine getting ripped off. Bent into a pretzel maybe, but short of that it would almost have to do other serious damage to the machine before it was ripped completely off. Also check out the Dixie Chopper stripe kit. I didn't re-invent the wheel on chain drag stripe kits, just modified it slightly. Thanks Tony

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