Chains Under Large Trucks

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by FearThisDeere, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. FearThisDeere

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    I just have quick non-related question: what are the chains that hang under larger trucks and ambulances used for? I have head they swing around or something and are chains for the wheels. I have just always wondered what they are for.
  2. PTP

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    In bad (mud, ice, snow) driving conditions, the chains are fitted around the tires and provide extra traction.
  3. Uranus

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    I heard it was for static electricity build up. Releases it back into the ground. Don't need on oxygen tank blowing up from a spark.
  4. TerraFirma Excavating

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  5. Dirty Water

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    Uh, thats just the easiest way to store tire chains for the rigs.
  6. srl28

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    ON spot chains, they swing down for traction.
  7. FearThisDeere

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    That is what I thought and the link TerraFirma Excavating gave is helpful. I knew that they were stored there, but the main question was if they swung around like that. That is pretty cool! Thanks guys.
  8. hosejockey2002

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    When the chains swing down there is a small wheel that rides on the inside dual to make the chains spin. They sound great in theory, but we tried them on our engines in the FD I work for and they don't work in wet, slushy snow and they don't work very well on glare ice. When it snows here we usually get one or the other of these and we end up chaining the tires up anyway. For our use, kind of a waste of money at $5K per truck.
  9. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Wow we got ours installed for 800 bux a truck. We have them on our fire trucks and ambulance and we call them drop chains.They work ok on light snow/ice. If we get more than 6 inches of snow then its too deep for them to swing around in front of the tires. Then we are back to the regular tire chains. We really like them because the main roads can be clean and then when we get to a 2nd or primary road they will be covered in snow or ice and we click the switch and motor on.
    We had them all installed after we had to stop on the way to a structure fire and chain up a fire truck before we could get to the fire.

  10. MarcSmith

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    pretty neat on the insta chain. I always though it was a good place to keep em for each specific vehicles, and that with the big dually wheel, getting the chains across the tire and set up right on the inner tire wodl be harder but by having them already there made it easier...

    Learn something new every time I'm at th elocal FD I'll have to take a look

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