Chainsaw Collectors

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ArboristSite, May 1, 2001.

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  2. cos

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    I wen't into a shop to have chainsaw loops made and the gentleman had a bunch of chainsaws ahnging up on the ceiling. You talk about a change from the past.
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    i had just gone up on arborsite a little while ago and was not impressed. sorry to tell you. but you gotta raise your membership. when i was on there there was i think 1 member and 17 guests. barely any posts or threads. you guys got some work to do. i do believe however that i had registered. so now i am a member, so you are up one.
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    Lawnboy, It just opened the end of January. I think roughly 240 members is a decent number in 4 months. Lawnsite I dont think had a bunch of members all over the place in 4 months. Just my guess. You guys are spoiled in here. I go in to arboristsite quite a bit and yes its still young, but support just doesnt grow overnight. I havent seen many posts from lawnsite members in arboristsite. It takes interest to build a forum. No one in here is supporting this. How many of you really have opened up a lawn service and never had growing pains? Some of you maybe. Most of you definitely had growing pains. All this site needs is a little support and it will get going. You just cant look at it like another lawnsite because it isnt. Its brand new.
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    Thanks for the reply guys, bad or good. I guess I was asking more about the saw more than blasting the site. I wish I could open the site up and have over 3000 members and have tons of posts. I agree with Big D. I dont know what you guys expect after 4 months. If you look at the site. I dont see tons of posts. Why? I think its because its new or that you guys are too used to asking your questions on lawnsite. I think will be sucessful, its a great idea. I see chainsaw questions and tree questions on lawnsite frequently (a couple at least a month). Everyone is spoiled on here to have answers to there threads immediately after they are posted. Just give it time I think it will come along great. As one of my members, Deere John say, an overnight sucess takes 10 years. I am sure it will be sucessful by the first of next year.

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