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    Hey Jason where do you live? I have never seen a 4' in diameter pine tree before. Also before you split all that wood are you sure you can sell it. Here in Mississippi you couldn't pay somebody to burn a pine log in there fireplace. About the only thing around here anybody will buy is oak.<p>Jay
  2. Jason

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    Hardy: I'm in northeastern washington. I didn't measure the tree, but am guessing it is 4'. Hold your arms out in a full circle, that's about how big around the tree is.<p>I went saw shopping today. Think I found a screaming good deal. At a local pawn shop, there are three stihl saws. All in nice shape. There's a 044 for $150, a 066 for $150, and can't remember the number of the third, possibly 075 or 088 can't remember for sure that one is $175. The big one is a beast though, way too much saw, need a loader tractor to pick it up. :) I'm seriously considering buying all three, they are so damn cheap. I could sell the two bigger ones and keep the 044, which would be like getting the 044 for free. I honestly don't think the pawn shop know what they are worth. 40 miles away in town of 300,000 I saw another 044 in a pawn shop selling for $320.<p>The person at the pawn shop said that all 3 saws were brought in by the same guy that was going through a divorce. All 3 saws are in great shape.
  3. southside

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    Go the Stihl.Dont buy a 044 or you will give<br>yourself a brain hemorage using it all the <br>time.A nice little 026 like mine,kicks arse.<br>If you have a real big tree to drop then go<br>and hire an 088 Stihl. 121cc and 11.5 hp.<br>You'll need muscles in your s#*t to use it<br>though.
  4. crabber

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    Jason<br> Do you have to remove the stump? Pine isn't the best for burning but you could probably sell the log at a mill. I sold alot of logs after Hurricane floyd. I have an 034 stihl. It's a good saw for most work. Also have a 40 husky. It's light and I use it for branches and other lighter wood.<br>A bit of advise- if the fallen tree your cutting still has a good hold on the ground, once you get weight off the top of it may raise upright. So be careful. Cut some chocks and use them under the tree as well as on the side where you're cutting. I can garauntee you will pinch the saw bar so you should have a spare saw. Remember, use common sense and protect your eyes, etc.
  5. jcoat

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    Stihl's the way to go... also, you might look into a peavey (lever bar) to help keep the saw from eating dirt plus it'll save your back.
  6. Jason

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    Thanks for the help guys, I bought the Stihl 44. Lot's of power, works great though a bit cold blooded.<p>Don't have to worry about the stump, the tree was uprooted when it came down. The trees in this area don't have deep root systems, they kind of spread along ground, plus sandy soil.<p>By the way after going back I looked a bit closer at the tree, I might have overstated things a bit when I said it was 4' in diameter. It's more like 3'. Still a huge pine.
  7. steveair

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    You said you don't have to worry about the stump.<p>I can't see how that can be. <p>Do you have a machine there to move it. I guess you could cut it up, but 20 chains later you may be finished. With a tree that big, it has got to be a monster. <p>We had a multistem willow do the same, biggest trunk was around 20 inch diam. The root ball was giant. Took me 2 hours to get it out of the ground (and yes, it was uprooted half way already) with a case 580. When I got it out, Had to drag it with the hoe and machine. It was huge.<p>We tried to load it, just for a good laugh. The case just moaned. wouldn't even lift it a hair. We had to get our lo-ed (fork truck) to lift it in the back of a single axle. <p>I'm just curious on how you got rid of the stump, or if you are planning on leaving it there.<p>By the way, If you are done, how long did it take you when it was all finished. Is is just you, or do you have some help? Curious to know. Sounds like a real back buster moving logs that big.<p>steveair<br>
  8. Jason

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    Steve,<p>I think you nailed it on the head with the stump issue. Still scrathcing my head on what to do with it. It is huge. When I bid the job, I didn't spend enough time figuring all the variables involved. Hungry for work, so i've been taking any and all that come my way. A chainlink fence was installed right next to the tree. When the tree came down it lifted up the fence, the root ball is on one side of fence, tree on other with fence going over trunk. The only good thing about this is, I can cut the trunk off the ball, and leave the ball on other side of fence, it's on a undeveloped property.<p>I started on the project yesterday. Put about 6 hours in. Today I did some mowing because we're expecting rain all weekend. Tomorrow I'll go back and should finish. The client's niece wants the wood now. So I will be leaving it. She also said not to move the logs, just cut them and let them lay, the niece's husband can deal with moving them. So that is a bonus. All I have to do is cut the trees up, and haul off the limbs. Which is a big enough job in itself. <p>By the way I bought that Stihl 044. Great saw, plenty of power.

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