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  1. Perfect Lawn

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    I am looking for a new chainsaw. I am trying not to spend too much $. I have about 5 -100 foot trees on my lawn to cut and I cut maybe 5-10 trees a year down for customers. I had a craftman and would never buy it ever again. Please help, was looking at the Stihls, but I dont know which model I really need Thanks *trucewhiteflag*
  2. LCPullman

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    Stihl is an excellent brand for chain saws. For the kind of trees you are talking about, I think you would want at least 50cc. The mid-range MS270 or the professional grade MS 260 are both 50cc.

    I have a slightly older 50cc Stihl, works quite well, with good power for cutting through large trees. Has noticeably more power than a much older Echo 50cc I have. I'd be glad for a larger saw, but can't justify the price to get one since I don't use it enough.
  3. kkls2006

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    I bought the MS270 Last Season For the same uses you speak of, I'm pretty happy with it except for it didn't like to idle when I first got it so I brought it back and they rebuilt the carb Charging me $70 Bucks!!!! They said it was because of dirty 2 cycle which is BS all my 2 cycle comes from one 5 Gallon can and I have no problems running anything else. Seems Ok now though.
  4. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I second Stihl saws. Visit your dealer and look at the selection. For what you are talking about, I would look at the models between MS250 and MS270. These will give you a range of saws from the Occasional use saws (Homeowner), to Mid-Range Saws to Professional Series Saws. There is a little difference in the catagories, but all in about the same power range, give or take a few CCs in engine size and bhp.

    You can also see the differences of toolless chain tension systems and adjustable oilers, as well as the Easy Starts. Let us know what you decide on.
  5. saw man

    saw man LawnSite Bronze Member
    from utah
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    Check into a Dolmar PS-510 or PS-5100, better than any Stihl listed in this thread and will outcut them anyday of the week!
  6. bill w

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    For 100' trees, 60-70cc range... I'd lean toward the higher displacement.
  7. saw man

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    Depending on how big of cuts you need to make, what is the diameter logs you will be cutting? What size of bar do you want/need? That may help a bit more.

    We all have our own idea of how big trees are in our own area. You may be cutting down a redwwod tree! haha Let us know what you need and we should be able to narrow it down a bit better for you.
  8. Perfect Lawn

    Perfect Lawn LawnSite Member
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    OK, sounds good thanks for the advice. I wish I knew why georgia had so many cheap pines everywhere.
  9. Perfect Lawn

    Perfect Lawn LawnSite Member
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    So a 16 inch chain is ok
  10. Grn Mtn

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    $550 and once you use it you won't even think about that price again.

    I'm on my 2nd one now (first one got stolen when I was lazy one night after using it in the 40* rain for 12 hours:cry: ) I went to my dealer and said I needed another saw, he started showing me a bunch of others -lower price, and I said NO THANKS.

    The Pro model has the same 50cc engine as the plain MS260 but it is 2lbs lighter, and if you are in the tree, or just plain using it for a while that makes a difference.

    I can't afford mutiple saws, (I'm not a tree guy, but in my biz I do trim and cut down a bunch every year) so I need one that can eat through a 24" stump but is light enough to carry into the upper branches.

    When I first started out I borrowed a Homelite-Junk! Then I borrowed a Stihl. The still saved me over an hour compared to the Homelite because of its power.

    BTW, the info on Stihl website comparison chart is wrong for that model. Mine has the 18" chain and it doesn't show the weight difference.

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