Chamber of Commerce


Springfield, IL
I wondered if any of you have experience with the chamber of commerce? I had a sales call I made returned and the guy suggested I join the chamber, that he is a bachelor of the chamber and they didn't currently have any active lawn services for the member's use.<p>I have heard this is a waste of time and money and wondered if anyone has any experience to the contrary? Maybe the person that told me just had a bad experience? &lt;p&gt;John<p>


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southern ohio
I am not a member of the local chamber in my area and I do not believe that I would gain any business from the public because of any listing or directory etc. associated with the chamber. However, I do think there is business to be gained from the members themselves. Anytime you have an excuse to congregate with other business people, you have a chance to pick up their business. If you can stand some of political clicks and B.S., then go for it.


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No.VA, zone 7
There are several factors to consider when looking at your local chamber. If you do mostly residential work, you may eventually gain work from the other members at their homes. You'll also probably have first chance at showcasing your business at any promotional events that the chamber sponsors, but it may cost you $$. If you do commercial work as well, then the potential market expands some. The chamber is a good place to gather information about upcoming development in your area that you may want to bid on. But also consider how much time you will be expected to put in to chamber events and weigh that against the benefit you would derive from spending the time in some other marketing effort. The owner of our company has been involved with the local chamber for a long time. Now that he's president, looks like it is beginning to pay off. I've done several nice jobs for his business friends but I think that his Rotary association may be the more lucretive one.