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Chamber of Commerce


LawnSite Senior Member
I have read a few posts about people joining local chambers of commerce. Why does one join? What are the benifits of joining? And after you join, what are your responsibilities?

BD Bone

LawnSite Member
Joining the chamber allows you to network w/others in your community and they are also inclined to hire services from other fellow members or to make referrals to those that belong. You are not inclined to do anything other than to pay a membership fee (at our local chamber) and by joining, it allows you to receive some discounts on advertising, networking opportunities and health insurance offered through a group. So, there are many reasons that it does not hurt to belong. Like anything, it has its pros and cons. It is a political reason mostly, but they publish monthly mailings that go into the community that posts the names of their members in various areas of business and feature articles about different ones and it is free so the exposure is nice if you want to get your name out there.



LawnSite Bronze Member
Northern VA
It's about getting people to know you exist, basically. Our chamber does monthly mixers where you go and hang out with the other chamber members. Your responsibilities are as big or small as you want- there are always openings for committees or volunteer assignments for chamber activities.



LawnSite Senior Member
A great way to grow your business while also supporting other businesses in your area and just general economic development. The Chamber can be a good source of clientel. I just joined my local chamber and I'm the only "lawn mower" member that they have. I've had a couple referrals already.