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Chamber of Commerce?


LawnSite Senior Member
Anyone out there belong to the local Chamber of Commerce? If you do, has it been worth while. Have you gotten good business leads. Developed good relations, or just a bunch of fellow local business owners full-O- hot air? I've moved to a new town and am considering it.


LawnSite Senior Member
It costs $200 for a regular membership. $350 for whats called a presidents membership where you get special recognition in monthly newsletters and chamber events and $100 credit for advertising in the community guide.


LawnSite Senior Member
Dayton, Oh
We're considering joining as well.
PLI1, is the $350.00 worth the extra $150.00?


LawnSite Silver Member
I recently joined the neighboring town's chamber, for I believe $100 a year. Another $50 for a basic listing in the annual guide.

For another $100, I was able to put my flyer in the quarterly chamber newsletter.

Results so far:

Landed a $6,000 landscape and spring clean-up job for another chamber business. Was supposed to start this weekend, but it's snowing now:mad: Nice in town location though, hopefully will generate more leads. Antique shop that I hope has upscale customers.

Before logging on tonite, I finished a proposal for another lead I got through the quarterly mailing. Total of about $10k in planting bed installs, lawn install, mulch, patio, etc. This potential customer moved into his new home last fall and has almost zero landscaping done. He is also the executive director of an upscale retirement community, so there may be some potential there as well.

BTW, I joined the neighboring town's chamber because it is very active, and this town has MANY large and expensive waterfront homes. The town I live in also has a lot of waterfront homes, but not a very active chamber.

So, $250 investment paid off for me -- as long as I priced everything ok:p


LawnSite Member
York, PA
I joined the local chamber here 2 years ago. The annual membership is $300.00. Monthly newsletter etc. I have gotten several mowing accounts from members. We joined mainly to
get the group rate on the health insurance.
Overall, it has been worth it.


LawnSite Senior Member
like anything else, its what you do with your investment. If you attend any chamber events (here we have a monthly 'after dinner' event) and shmooze with other members you are bound to get some work out of it.

If you just send them a check for membership but dont participate....well, dont expect much.

The health insurance might be a benefit worth while