Champion Tire & Wheel announces a NASCAR partnership with Ferris Commercial Mowers.

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    Champion Tire & Wheel announces a NASCAR partnership with Ferris Commercial Mowers. ​

    Champion Tire & Wheel of Cornelius, NC announces they have forged a marketing partnership with Ferris Commercial Mowers of Munnsville, NY. One of Champion’s 53-foot NASCAR transporters has been unveiled sporting the Ferris Commercial Mowers colors and logos with the goal of gaining exposure to the NASCAR army of loyal fans. Champion Tire & Wheel is a company that contracts with the NASCAR race teams in the top 3 series to transport the team’s tires, wheels, and pit equipment. Because of their duties to the teams and NASCAR, on any given race day you can find them to be on center stage at the race track. As such, the fleet of 26 tractor-trailers gains a lot of attention as they move about on a race weekend. “On any given race day you’ll probably find us as part of the backdrop”, said Jamie Rolewicz, owner of Champion Tire & Wheel. The fleet also commands a lot of attention on the highways as they travel the NASCAR racing circuit, which spans from northern and southern California to Southern Florida to throughout the New England states. “Because of our exposure on the highways and at the race tracks, many companies have found this to a great way to energize their company image & we’re excited to have Ferris Commercial Mowers as our newest partner” added Rolewicz.

    “The opportunity to gain exposure at every race track and the 60,000 annual highway miles traveled was just too much of an opportunity to turn down,” said Bill Shea, VP of Commercial Sales for Briggs & Stratton, which is the parent company for Ferris Commercial Mowers. “This partnership is a way to put some high-octane fuel into our company image, something we think about everyday. There is no doubt that NASCAR racing evokes a lot of emotion and the fans are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports”, added Shea.

    The partnership will run through the end of 2013, and will be highlighted by the 10 Chase for Championship races that determine the NASCAR Champion.

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