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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by caseysmowing, May 24, 2012.

  1. caseysmowing

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    I talk to a guy yesterday that wants to get out and sell his equipment and client list all in one. This a part time solo operater. Really all I would be paying for is the equip at what sounds like a good price. I have not seen the equip yet. My problem is that I'm just starting out this year and already spent a good junk of change and this deal sounds too good to be true. I will be talking with this guy again in the next couple of days and I need to know what questions to ask and all the advice I can get. Equipment DC with clapshell bagger Wright stander both 250 to 350 hours 14 trailer, leaf vac system you put on the trailer hitch and all the handhelds. Income in the mid 30's. Price 10 thousand for everything.
  2. caseysmowing

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    Really? No one has any advice? I did talk to the guy and everything seems good. I've posted some of this on another forum. The dixie is a 27hp 50in with a trac vac collection double barrel 240 hours. The wright is 52 19hp with 250 hours both in good shape and bought new by him. Billy goat leaf blower the nice selfpropelled with the 13hp honda on it used little. Trac vac leaf loader 16hp vanguard little use on it with all the hoses and some extra ones. Another vac system that hooks up to the dixie with a 5-8 hp motor that goes into a 4x6 boxed trailer that hooks to the dixie. 14ft single axle trailer needs tires has trimmer racks. One husky blower and one husky trimmer. For another 5 grand he has a 1999 f250 with a dump bed and box built for the bed to do leafs. 180,000 5.4 liter in good shape for age.
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    Three words...Go for it.

    Ok a couple more words. Non-compete clause.
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    Non complete clause???
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    And is this guy going to introduce you to all his customers and what he charges them?

    How do you know he really makes $30,000? Is that gross or net?

    Did you see the equipment, age, hours, find out what you could sell it for?

    Maybe not such a good deal.

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    Yes we are going out this Saturday to look at all the properties and meet the clients. I have seen all his paper work and equipment. The equipment is very well kept up nothing is more than 5 years old most is about 3 or so. The 30,000 isn't totally correct. Last year he had 22 weekly mows and now he has cut back to 12 weekly mows plus about 10 more clients that he does random services for. The 12 weekly mows gross is 1700 a month and he does alot of leafs and I do mean alot a long with some big mulch jobs. 20 yards of mulch to 50 yards of mulch. We worked out a deal all equipment minus the truck and trailer for 9200 along with the clients. I'm just starting out and this will give me a good jumpstart so I will be able to go fulltime sooner. Also his clients some are judges, real estate owner, and doctors.
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    Non-compete is something that says he will not try to take the customers back for a period of time or sell the list to someone else.
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    This will not end well.
  9. caseysmowing

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    So far so good. Everyone is happy with the change over. Only problem is finding room for all my equipment now.

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