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    We did a pretty basic install on a 3 story home early this week. It’s just the gutters on top of 2nd floor, the dormers of the third, and the peak of the 2nd floor that rises above the 3rd story dormers.

    One of the bulbs didn’t live happens. Thing is it’s the third bulb down on a dormer. The dormer is over 28’ up, but it’s set back a good 8’ or so from the gutters. It makes it impossible to set my big ladder against the dormer bc it sits on the gutter without touching the dormer. HOW DO I CHANGE THAT BULB (?!) without renting a lift again? Is there an upright bulb changer with extension somewhere that I just can’t find?

    We did most of the gutters from the ladder and rented a lift for the rest. I really don’t want to spend $180 to change a bulb.

    *Also, what would have been a good bid on this home. It’s 270 bulbs @ 12” spacing. I’m pretty sure I killed us with my price. The customer had already bought his own LED C9’s and empty socket line(SPT2). I opted to use my SPT1 and clips. The pic only shows the front, but we did 1 side and the back as well as 2 more dormers.


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    And the window is painted shut
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    You really rented a lift to do that install? Or you just want to for the bulb change?

    I would probably be around $4-500 for that job depending on how extensions could be run etc
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    It's 270 lights he said. Probably 2k but I am not an authority on pricing.

    For changing the bulb I would probably try to get to the peak of the roof and then climb out the peak of the dormer and hang down to change it.
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    Yeah...the pic is dark so I can't tell, but can you get on the garage, then get on the house roof from the garage roof? If so, then just do what Gq said....
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    Yes, we rented a lift to get to the dormers. My extension reached the gutters just fine. It could touch the top of the dormers, but not how they sit. They are set back in a way that that the gutter won’t allow it the ladder to rest up there anyway. The roof is asbestos shingles and they are slick as slick gets. That’s not a garage, it’s a carport (portico?) with a balcony on top.

    We did it for $1000 and the owner supplied the bulbs. He had done his homework and bought empty socket line like we use, but got SPT2 and I use SPT1 for all of our houses so I just didn’t mess with his.
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    We tried to get up on it. It’s flat on top and you can walk around on the very top. It’s like a little sidewalk up there. That’s it though. I could get to the dormer peak if I slid down just right and caught it, but then there’s getting back up if I didn’t die going down.
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    The homeowner was very understanding about the bulb. It’s still out, but he doesn’t want us to spend $200 to change it. We went ahead and staked and lit up his driveway as a compromise and I ran and hid an extension to plug some garland he hung over his front entry.
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    Get you a pair of roofers cleats. The slip on ones should be fine for your limited use.
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