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Change in policy


LawnSite Senior Member
Hershey, Pa
We changed one of our policies on mowing. Last year in our policies we stated that "we will do our best to accomodate to your needs."(as in the frequency of mowing) Well, we ran into big problems with that. We were trying to mow every 5 days when the grass was growing fast and we had several people, for the sole purpose of saving a little money, tell us that "it doesn't NEED it" and to come every 7 days. Well, this threw our whole schedule out of whack, and when we had a few days of rain, some lawns went without mowing for 9 or 10 days!
So anyways, we took a 180 degree turn. This year, our policies say "we will mow according to the weather and growth rate. We will mow when it most conveniently fits in our schedule. If you have an emergency in which you would like us to mow on a day of YOUR choice, there will be a $15 dollar charge for the change in our schedule. "
We did this mainly as a deterrant to people trying to change our frequency of mowing. My parents saw this and are telling us we are being too strict, and that we should be "accomadating the customer." Personally, I feel the same, but I think we should be compensated for extra time/hassle/cutting off 6 inches of grass! What are your opinions?


LawnSite Senior Member
you should do what you want, and the customer will do what they want.

not too many customers are going to be keen on mowing every 5 days, need it or not. most of them wonder if they can get away with every other week.

for residential customers if they ask about every other week, i tell them no. period. same thing, i did what i wanted by telling them no, now they can do what they want.


LawnSite Senior Member
the south
we mow every 7 days, and have always done that. Sometimes 5 days would be nice, but most lawns only need it on a 7 day schedule. The only way to offer competetive rates its to put all your lawns together on a route. Bopping around on different days to mow a lawn here or there is no way to be efficient. I tell em once a week or see ya.