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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Decoste76, May 8, 2010.

  1. Decoste76

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    This lady e mailed me the other day saying how she paid the guy before (my old boss) 65$ to do the lawn with out edging after taking it over we charged $90 becaue thats what he told me and that included edging. Idk if this lady thinks shes going to get me cheaper because im a kid or what but she also told mem some guy offered $50 to do it. She will do it for 65 without edging how much do i charge for the edging( weed wacking)?
  2. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    honestly man... when people say they can get some1 else to do it...THEY CANT. price what u think you are worth and what u would do the work for. its hard to say what to charge for trimming because i dont know how long or how much trimming is invlolved. if your old boss did it for 65 w/ out edging/trimming i would say around 80 lowest. just because u know shes cheap. as for the mystery man who will do it for $50?? why hasnt she called him then? dont sweat it. i get hagglers all the time. even today i told one of my biweekly cuts that im upping it from 40 to 60 if she wants biweekly still because its just too long evertime we get there. it shoudl be cut every week. she had a hissy fit and went in the house. she came back out be4 we left and asked me if i would take 35 for the weekly just stand ur ground and dont drop it too much. And like you said... people WILL try to dickk u because you appear younger but dont let it happen
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    Tell her 90 is your price. if she don't like it, tell her to go get her mystery man.
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  5. Decoste76

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    thats what i had was 90.. i think it is all BS she has a multi million dollar house right on the ocean so go figure that one

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