Change Lesco spreader from 4:1 to 5:1


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I purchased a used Lesco 80lb spreader which has the white gears without a gearbox and it is the 4:1 gear ratio. The teeth on both gears are worn and slip a little, so I am going to replace them. The cost to replace both gears and the gear support (broken but still functional) on Rittenhouse is $45.24.

At some point, after my spreader was manufactured, Lesco changed to a 5:1 gear ratio and added the gearbox case to protect the gears. I can purchase the 5:1 gearset assembly on Onesite for $100.31. Since it is only an additional $55, I am considering the "upgrade".

Has anyone made this conversion? Are there pitfalls I need to look out for?


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I've never seen a lesco spreader with white gears....The newer models have a bigger wheel and a longer shaft on the spinner. We had 2 old lesco spreaders (30 years old) that I cannibalized for parts, in one case, I had to space the hopper higher by about a inch to get the newer spinner in there. You might have to do some mods with the newer gear boxes.

You might try

I believe they are the manufactures of many of the parts for the original Lesco spreaders......


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