change oil at 40 hrs. or 100 hrs.???

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    Hustler Sport owners manual says change oil and filter every 40 hours (but then says refer to engine owners manual for maintenance schedule...Kaw engine owners manual says to change oil every 100 hrs. and filter every 200 hrs. Can anyone tell me which it should be? I live in Florida and mow well kept residential lawns. Not much in the way of dust or dirt but it is hot in the summer time.

    BTW - I've never posted to a forum before and I couldn't find any way to search the forum for this topic. If this has already been addressed and you can link me to the answer that would also be great.

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    I asked the same question about my Kawasaki engine on my Hustler Raptor after reading the manual. My question was answered directly from Hustler and they said to follow the Hustler manual interval changes. The Kawasaki Manual is a broad general service interval and doesn't always take into account the heat and dust that the engine would endure when placed on a mower vs. a "cleaner" working environment. Hope that helps.
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    manual says,
    "Change the engine oil and filter after the first 5 hours of oper-
    ation and then per the engine manufacturer’s recommendations
    after that. If mower is being operated in extremely dirty condi-
    tions, then it is recommended oil be changed more frequently. "

    Dirty and dusty conditions require more maintenance.

    Brian O
  4. Po3

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    My Kawasaki FX921V, FX1000V Owner's Manual states first 8-hr oil change (Jim noted it was changed at 5-hrs), thereafter at 100-hr & oil filter at 200-hr intervals, with no diamond (notating more frequent intervals) for dusty conditions on the oil or oil filter change intervals. It does have the diamond by the daily air inlet screen cleaning interval, 100-hr clean dust and dirt from the cylinder head and fins, 100-hr check and clean oil cooler fins, 250-hr replace air cleaner primary element, 250-hr check air cleaner secondary element, and 500-hr replace air cleaner secondary element.

    Is the above correct? I hate to change things early if it is not needed, but it seems more prudent to change the oil filter every oil change. Does Hustler defer to the Kawaski manual, or have their own guidance on this issue? And what about end of summer? Should oil be changed for winter storage as is recommended with most engines regardless of hours since the last oil change? I heard that used oil develops acids that is bad for stored engines.

    Thanks. //Craig
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    Oil & oil filters are the cheapest & most vital parts to an engine. I change new engines at 8 hours & every 50 hours thereafter. I have never had engine failure.
  6. Po3

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    Agreed. I picked up three Oregon (OEM) filters for $7 and change, so planto change the oil and filter together at the 100-hr intervals or sooner as needed.

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