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change to Mobil 1

Bella Landscaping

LawnSite Member
I was wondering if it was a good idea to change over to Mobil 1 from hydraulic oil in my Toro Z-325. I removed the cooler that came with it because it blocks the cooling of the engine.The mower has seen 2 new engines in 525 hours.I noticed that Toro has removed there cooler, and figured they were tired of buying people new engines.The oil that I am currently using is ISO46.Thanks for any input.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Scag used to tell you to out non detergent 30 weight in the hydro systems. If Mobil 1 has detergents in it, you don't want to run it in a hydro system for the same rreasons you use power sterring fluid, and not ATF in your power steering pumps. The detergents will wear the pump and motors prematurely, and you will be replacing them sooner than you had anticipated. So, look and see what is in it before you use it.