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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cajuncreole, Jun 25, 2005.

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    I just went to my Exmark dealer to replace my Kohler 27hp fuel pump. He came back with a Briggs and Stratton part 808656. He said it was the same pump, that if I had brought in the mower this is what he would have put on. I also picked up a fuel filter and he gave me a Stens, he said it was better than the OEM Kohler part.

    I put them on and it fired up fine and cut well for a couple of hours until I got to some heavy grass and it bogged down and stalled. I have never stalled this 52" Exmark 27hp before, normally it would have went right through like nothing happened. It stalled again, started right up. I purposefully went to some heavier grass and as soon as I hit it I stalled out again.

    Did the dealer do right by interchanging parts. This was not happening until I changed fuel pumps. I had to change fuel pumps as I had shut down, pulled the line to the carburator after the pump and cranked and no gas was coming out of the line. Put the new pump on and away I went until I started stalling.

    Any ideas??
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    B&S parts shouldnt fit on a kohler engine, at least not in my world. he probably doesnt know wtf he's talking about, and gave you the wrong part. dont put a part on unless YOU'RE sure its the right one, unless god himself tells you its the right part, check it for yourself first.
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    I double checked with Briggs and it is an identical pump. I forgot to mention that before it shut down it would surge and backdown and surge again before it stalled.


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