Changed Oil in Super Z Hydraulic System

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Thunderhead, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Thunderhead

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    Today, my dealer and I change the hydraulic system oil and filter in my 09' Super Z. I went with the Amsoil 20W-50 Synthetic motor oil and the Hustler OEM hydraulic filter (I personally will never use an aftermarket filter here). Getting the filter on and off was a breeze, the way he done it!! He used a big oil filter wrench he got from Napa many years ago and did everything from the top with the machine on the ground! Nothing had to be taken off the mower or anything. He put a hose that was attached to a suction gun (looks like a grease gun without the handle) down in the reservoir tank and sucked out all the oil he could. We didn't realize it at the time, but I think there's a drain plug on the bottom of the tank...:hammerhead::hammerhead:

    Anyway, it took right at alittle less than 4.5 quarts to fill it back up and that's Including filling up the new filter with fresh oil before we installed it on the machine.

    We didn't get any air in the system. Everything went smooth and very easy. The next time it needs servicing, I can confidently do it myself.

    Since this is the first service, I know that we didn't get all the old oil out the system. So my question is this: When is the next hydro system service due? How many hours?? It has 18 hours on it now.

    Pj, If I'm not mistaken I think you told me you have a Super Z. What would you do if it was yours?

    Thanks man,
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Per your manual....

    Replace the hydraulic system filter element after the first 50 hours of operation; then replace filter and oil in reservoir every 500 hours or once a season, whichever comes first.

    I do have the same mower as you, I would change my oil once per season, this is due to the low amount of hours I put on it, you may be different due to larger area your cutting and more frequent mowing.

  3. Thunderhead

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    Thanks Pj.

    Yeah I did look at the manual and seen that in there. I just wanted your person opinion since you are a Rep. and have the same mower.

    But it don't look like I'll get to use my Super Z this year because all the damn rain we got here in South LA. this winter!!! This is the wettest I've ever seen it this time of year and I been living here all my life. Got a brand new $10K mower and can't even use it! Very frustrating.:cry:

  4. Z-Man

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    Thunderhead, I have the same Super Z. I changed my hydro oil about a month ago with Amsoil 20W50. I used about 5 1/2 qts. After freewheeling from severl minutes forwards and backwards to remove the air, topped it off and then took it for a spin. What a difference. Far smoother than before. I also don't have that whining sound any more.
  5. Thunderhead

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    It took mine 4.5 qts to fill up the hydraulic system oil, and I've read that mostly everybody else is taking 5.5 qts. This tells me we didn't get all the old oil out that we could have. Like I said, we forgot about the drain plug on the bottom of the reservoir and just used the suction gun...
    Since I'm picky about my stuff, I'll be changing mine again Well before I get 500 hours on it. I may just go ahead and change the hydraulic system fluid again next time I change the oil in the engine (which is in about 30 more hours). I bought a case (12 qts.) of the Amsoil 20W-50 motor oil, so I have plenty of oil left (7.5 qts.) from the case. All I'll have to buy is the $12.00 Hustler hydro filter.
    I haven't ran mine enuff to know if it's made a difference with the Amsoil. I pulled it out my dealer's shop and loaded it on my trailer. When I got home I un-loaded it and put it in the shed. It's just way too wet to do anything around here. I'd sink my Super Z. (again!)

  6. djagusch

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    Isn't the point of using Amsoil is that you don't need to change it as often?

    I change my hydro oil and filter every spring as I don't hit 500hrs on any mower I have (total way more but not on each unit). When I check the level I smell it and if it smells burnt it gets drained and filled (this happens on my main mower in late Aug as it's in the 400hr mark with high temps). My Super Z and Trimstar oil holds up the whole season as I don't get as many hrs on them. I'm only using Napa oil also.

    Just sounds like you are doing a bit of over kill on the oil changes.
  7. Thunderhead

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    I guess I should have worded it different. You mis-understood me.

    Only reason I might change the hydro oil Well before the recommended time (500 hrs or 1 year) is because it's the first time it's been changed and we didn't get all the old oil out the system the other day when we changed it to Amsoil. That's the only reason I might change it alot sooner than it needs. Then, it'll get changed yearly or 500 hrs...

  8. Z-Man

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    Yes, change is yearly. It would take me a number of years to reach 500 hours.
  9. Thunderhead

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    I won't be putting anywhere even close to 500 hrs. per year on mine either.:cry::laugh:

  10. SnakeRidge

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    So I just picked up my Hustler Super Z from an authorized dealer today. Had them replace the blades and change the hydraulic filter. Just hit my 50hr mark and am trying to go by the manual. I knew that when they changed the filter they would have to add oil but what i didnt see untill i got home and looked over the receipt is that they charged me for a quart of 10w40. I had assumed the dealer would know what kind of oil to use. Think this is an issue since it was just a top off?


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