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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by TeamBowmanLawnCare, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Just a couple things to start with:

    1. Get rid of the first page. The customers all already going to your site, don't give them more work to get more info by having to click on an extra page that doesn't do anything useful.

    2. You need a toolbar or nav buttons at the top or side of each of your web pages.

    3. Reduce of size of your pictures, it takes to long for the pages to load.

    I will send a couple of more ideas when I have time.

    Hope this helps some:)
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    Team Bowman.
    I really like your site. I have a pretty crappy one and get a fair amount of work from it. I think if I had a site like yours I would get even more. The info you gave about yahoo really is really interesting and I am going to give it a shot - they are my current host anyway.
    I paid someone $1500 on Dec 6, 2005 to make me a site and they just took my money and ran, going to go to small claims court soon. While waiting I paid another $400 for a simple one page site -
    Anyway, you have inspired me - thanks.
  3. jamo1911

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    By the way, is it ok if I steal some of your wording from your site?
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    Just 2 cents worth here but you are not shopping wisely.
    (this isn't advertising, it is my experience but also applies to many other reputable companies).
    1. Yahoo is way over-priced for what you get there and with limited capability. Not a good choice for hosting or web site builders. Great search engine, but remember, that's what they were originally, formerly #1 (until Google) now #2 search engine...all the other stuff, yahoo mail, WEB hosting, "partnering" with some ISP's, etc. is designed as an "add-on" to keep people on their service & search site and away from the all web-eating billions dollars-monster that Google has become... (the Microsoft of search engines)

    2. The most expensive site I ever built was right around $1,500. That was for a major manufacturer with 28 pages, countless photos, 2 Flash animation "tours" of equipment, a MAJOR website project...

    3. $400 is above our normal "top end" for any service type or contractor type site, and again that's for somebody that does way more than lawn care or landscaping like a general contractor with 5 or 6 services, numerous pages, photo galleries of projects, etc.

    And that's NOT just me...the world is seriously overrun with web site companies, and web designers. From my side I wish it wasn't, but that drives down prices, supply & demand you know. I really feel for you losing almost $2,000 and now paying for Yahoo when there is so much more to be had for so much less and from people/hosts who will care, not just take your money or whatever...
    May I ask if you found these other people? Maybe from the "let us build you a "X" page web site spam mail everybody who has any business (including me) gets or some other "fishy" offer. (Or some web site that promised the world...#1 on search engines, super success overnight)?
    One thing to watch for is number of "pages" affecting price legitimate web designers (or hosts) don't charge by the page, it' by time, their protection and yours...who knows what one person wants on a "page" compared to another person?
    It looks like now you are ready to take the leap to Yahoo based on just one recommendation from one site you saw here & liked, not much "shopping".

    Do yourself a favor and do some shopping before you plunk down any more money. A good web host will never ask for more than your 1st month's payment (and NEVER go with any host that only offers yearly. Pay for a month at a time until you are sure you are happy, no-contracts etc.)
    A good web designer will only ask for a deposit on a site. Even on the "high side" the $400 firm should have asked for no more than 1/2 ($200) deposit with the balance on completion of the site or for very expensive sites partial payments as work is completed on the project, and I won't even discuss how you were "taken" for $1,500 because that's about equal to robbery unless there is WAY more to your site than lawn care or landscaping like "interactive" pages to let visitors do on-line landscape designing, choose payment options, then pay their bill without using 3rd party services like PayPal or a card processor company (you actually having a "secure payment" site of your own) or something very "high-tech" like that you didn't mention that seems outrageous.

    For your own good shop around before you keep making these choices. Ask for references you can call or e-mail etc. and contact them, make sure they are real people with real sites and really happy (not some "testimonials" page).
    I don't know how you manage to keep hitting all the bad ones but I wish you better and reasonably priced with good service (if not great, at least average for the web industry, not like your past experiences or Yahoo) in the future.
    Best of luck to you...
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    PS: I'd also rethink the domain name for the long term or at least type it That's a good example for those thinking of names, when you glanced at that the first time what did your brain "think" ? In an instant, not thinking...mine was abert groupland scaping then Albert group and scaping and finally Albert group landscaping. Of course all that only took a second or two but I look at names all day, that's an example of one that's easily confused and way too long.
    Remember to make it easy for the customer, it doesn't need to be the company name
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    Back to
    Do get rid of that entry page as soon as possible . It has a LOT wrong with it.
    As mentioned above they are already there, don't make them "enter" as especially since you have a huge picture you have to scroll down to even see the enter here link, so people might think that was the whole site and never "enter"!
    Also it will kill your search engine rankings. You have no content on the page. If you do use a "landing" page (what web people call a page like that) it needs to be very content rich to utilize all the search phrases you think people might use to find you in the content on that page within the text and in proper context (not just the words thrown around)
    You will be "penalized" by the engines because that page has a keywords tag but those keywords are not found used in context in text on the page itself. To today's search engine robots that looks like you are trying to "fool" them into thinking the site is about those keywords when it isn't and they will penalize you accordingly.
    On a keyword analyzer on the page (you may have seen me post those type results in other threads) your highest # on the current 1st page is 3 "repeats" but that is for "irrigation", a good word but a very broad term so a 3 on that word will never get your site noticed. "Wilson" and "koster" not likely to be used score 2 each . For the fastest fix just remove that page and use the next page as your first page. A keyword analyzer on that page already jumps "irrigation", "Wilson" and "koster" to all 5's, not great but a lot better than 2's with no effort except removing the entry page. Both pages score a 2 for the phrase "Wilson nc" and it is likely someone would use your state and or town so bump up the use of that phrase BUT be sure to change nc to NC in the keywords to increase "repeats" and also use the full North Carolina in both places since some people may use the full state name. (those results compare how many times a word or phrase in your "keywords" is actually in the page so higher is better when choosing keywords and content, the higher the number the more relevant the robot thinks the word or phrase is.)
    Also the "fade" effect may look cool but that script runs on the page automatically and may confuse some search engines as well as some visitors with older browsers might not display it properly & a real old (like Windows 98 era) browser might "hang".

    Below is how that second page looks to a robot:
    Koster Irrigation, Inc. Wilson, NC 27893 Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Systems
    William C. Koster, PresidentOffice: 252 205 3311Fax: 252 291 6263Email: Will Koster
    This site is always under construction. Look for additional information and pictures soon. Thanks for visiting. Site design by William Koster
    Koster Irrigation, Inc.1525 W. Nash St Wilson, NC 27893-1814Irrigation & Landscape Lighting SystemsServing Wilson & Rocky Mount Since 1994"Our company is built on service!"
    4607 Pine Needles Ln Wilson Jan 2006 Irrigation & Lighing
    Jobsite Photos Products We Install & Recommend Company Information Having Problems with your system?
    1307 Kenan St. Wilson *Note lights installed behind columns
    Want More Lighting System Pictures?

    Compare that to your current 1st page:

    Koster Irrigation, Inc. Wilson, NC 27893 Irrigation & Lighting Systems/ Rocky Mount / Sprinkler

    Which do you think will do better? This type view is what you need to consider when creating a page so you get that all-important "phrases & words used in context" as high as possible for what you thing your potential customers may be typing in the search engine.
    Remember, the search engines aren't people, they don't see "pretty" so you have to design 2 ways at once. One to make the site appealing to visitors and at the same time so in the views like above it "reads" well to search engines so those visitors will find it in the fist place.
    For example I searched Wilson NC lawn company and you were not in the first 5 pages (and that's a fairly specific search) You came up 1st page on Wilson NC landscaping (good) but for Wilson NC lawn service again nothing (although your user profile here came up on page 4 ;)
    All those were fairly specific so if I changed up the Wilson NC part results would probably be a lot worse (because I knew the term Wilson NC was "ranked" before I searched so I used it, you should have been on page one for all those searches instead of just landscaping, as a non-landscape contractor "Joe Customer" those seemed like reasonable things I might search for)
    Have fun
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    I couldn't get the site to come up. Is the URL correct that you posted? Thanks,
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    I like it. Nice job. :)
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    We were discussing in the post before you asked.

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