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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ken gustafson, Sep 27, 2008.

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    I believe that my website needs changes.....I talk with my web people and they seem lost beyond what they have already done. I search different search engines and some times I come up and sometimes I do not. Then the heading I use for the search becomes an issue....I can put trailer locks in and wham I am good but just drop the "s" on locks and I cannot be found or am 30 pages down the search. I have felt like advertising for "hacker" but do not want to do anything how would be the approach to being found more readily and in more spots?
    The other thing I fail to understand and so far no one knows the answer to is...
    in my searches for trailer locks or trailer lock or lock for trailer or..... I find the same company listed several times under the same heading...... puzzle for me.
    Any one have any ideas or thoughts or people to contact that actually know how to solve issues?
    My site is.... my company...the killer part...has the best trailer locks I have been able to find on the Internet but when no one can find me..what good is the product?
  2. Bill S

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    what key words other than lock and locks are you looking to dominate? Currently you only have two keywords...well three actually... trailer lock and trailer locks....

    go to this site...

    enter your web address and see what they have to say... It is free of charge. Pay particular attention to keywords in anchor tags, these are important. Also pay attention to the keywords in the alt tags.

    Good luck, I know you have been working at this for some time.
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    Ken, I don't have any good answers for you. You have a nice site and I see no reason it shouldn't come up higher on the search engines.

    I did notice that you have your meta tags formated differently then I format mine. For example description you have.

    <META http-equiv="Description" NAME="Description" CONTENT="Gus Hill trailer locks ......

    <META NAME="description" content="Hydro-seeding with Turbo Turf hydroseeding ........

    I don't know why it would make a difference but I do come up well in some catagories under the searches.

    For example I put up a new site which is in a fairly obsure area 6 weeks ago and within a few weeks had a # 1 ranking on Google.

    I will also agree with Bill that you don't have very many keywords. Keywords are not as important as title and description but still they can help.

    You might also try going to a site like and submitting your site. It is free unless you want to donate a little and may help a bit.

    Sorry I can't suggest more.
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    One other thing you might want to work on is some article submissions. You can find sites that will allow you to write an article on locks and the importance of a quality lock that will link back to your website.

    Find a site that has a high google page rank 5 or so would be good and submit the article. Make a few changes to your article and submit at a few other sites. Get some one way links coming into your site. These aren't the end all answer but they will help...little here little there and voila!
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    Have you tried this recently, Bill? At one time, 2 or 3+ years ago, this worked well if you wrote a decent article. Then something happened that wasn't exactly a surprise if you observe how trends work. Because this strategy allowed anyone to become an author, a lot of anyone's did, and article sites got barraged with junk article submissions and many of them lost control. "Article Spam" became so prevelant that over the last couple years or so, search engines pay very little if any attention to articles, unless they are on "authoritative" sites (which most article submission sites are not any more).
  6. Bill S

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    Thanks for the update Steve, haven't done one in over a year, I have maintained fantastic ranks on my keywords so I have been slacking quite a bit...
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    Hey Gus

    Ideally the words you want to rank for should be on the page and in the keyword meta tag, the most important phrase put in the title and the description tags. I don't find one or two in all the tags (check below). But still you are on the first page of Google for "trailer locks" and "trailer hitch locks" but not at the top.

    I didn't read every line of the source but I didn't notice a h1 or h2 tag.

    On page seo is really simple and easy. You just don't have enough anchor text links.

    You can do as Bill suggest and write articles.
    I pay people to write articles for me. I have one lady that writes and publishes/submits to article directories. When I want to promote a site in a competitive area I have had 300 to 400 articles submitted in a month to that many article directories. I'll submit to 50 -60 social bookmarking sites. I'll find blogs that are on my subject and make a comment and use my link. There are a few other things you can do also.

    It is really all about links pointing back to your site. Article directories are just one way to get links back to your site. Even if your on page seo was bad inbound links would still overcome the problem if you have enough. And it isn't something you do once and forget. You do it every month, if your site is important to you. You just have to beat your competition.

    But it is work you have to do or pay someone to do for you.

    <TITLE>Trailer Hitch Locks | Gus Hill Industries</TITLE>

    "Description" CONTENT="Gus Hill trailer locks are the most durable in the marketplace. Made from case-hardened materials and protected locks, you cannot buy a better lock to protect your trailer and its load.

    NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="trailer locks,trailer lock"
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  9. WebMan

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    One thing I noticed right off is your Description tag is messed up. It repeats the tag type twice which would probably throw most "bots" off track.
    Yours is:
    META http-equiv="Description" NAME="Description" CONTENT=
    where it should just be:
    meta name="DESCRIPTION" content=
    The upper & lower cases don't matter but the repetition is something the "bots" might not recognize and it could throw everything after that off (and that tag is one of the first)
    Then they do the same thing with your keywords tag:
    META http-equiv="Keywords" NAME="Keywords"
    So you probably have some confused little robots who don't really know what to do so they just do "whatever" so that would explain why some terms may come up and others not.
    That's 2 MAJOR coding mistakes in the first few lines of the site code. It makes me wonder about the company. Those aren't "terrible" but it's hard to explain why they would make such a mistake twice. Once might be a typo or something but twice in a row :confused:
    Then immediately after the head section (where all those tags are) is you navigation structure which is all java-script (what makes the buttons change colors when you move over them) and it's a LONG script... having that right at the first is another "bot killer"... most bots today can deal with some java-script but they can't "read" it, they have to skip it and in you case there's 170 (that's one hundred seventy) lines of script code immediately on entering the "body" or displayed part of your site... that's a LOT for the little bots to skip over to get to the text with those keywords the tags will tell them to look for once the descriptions are fixed.

    Then add the fact they are telling you "we've done all we can" when they don't even have the basics done right to start with...well :dizzy:

    I don't know what real advice to give you but be sure to get them to fix the tags. The rest of it like the long script may be the way they built your site so it inherently can't be fixed.
  10. Jarlo

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    You need to add all keywords that you feel necessary to your meta tags and in your titles. Try not to separate them with a comma, because that will limit the search engines to just what you have separated by commas.

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