Changing a name of business, terrible idea?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by RainmanMN, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Ok here is the deal, my father started our irrigation business in 1987. It has a great name and we have a strong customer base. The thing is we have NEVER advertised. Dad never wanted to expand beyond what we had and thought advertising would only bring in price driven tire kickers, so all our work has been word of mouth. Well, dad retired, and now its my baby alone. I would like to expand (slowly) into other areas of lawn care and would most likely either

    a) Start a completely new company with new logo, name, trucks ect.

    b) Change the name of our current company, and use the same Trucks, trailers ect that we have now.

    c) Keep the same name: XXXXX Irrigation and lawn care, I don't like this option much.

    I am very hesitant to change the name, but I feel with proper notification of our customers we should have a fairly smooth transition. You have to realize we aren't listed in the yellow pages, on the web or anywhere else, so the only contact source our customers have right now is the phone which wouldn't change.

    I would like to make the decision soon as I want to change our logo, lettering, get uniforms for our employees and this is all based on our decision on the name.

    Anyone have any insight or suggestions?

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    I don't think it's the worst idea, as long as like you said you notify all customers possible and do a full change. I would just explain to customers that nothing about quality and service is changing that you are just freshening up the company.
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    about 10 years ago i did the same thing and your store is the same as mine but he was not my dad... like one but not mine. anywho.. he had over 350 lawns and sold half to me and half to one of his son's well about two years in the biss. i change the name and let people know that its a name change nothing else well four years after that i gave the biss. to my brother. and then i came back about two years after and change the name again. and guess what ..... i still have all my cust. so yes let your new name be known...!!!!!!!!!!!

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