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    Impact wrench,floor jack to jack up the deck a little after I have pulled up on the ramps.
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    If you have a indoor shop, just hang some chains with hooks from the rafters set at the right height to hold the front up where you want it.<p>If you only work outdoors, you can still do the same. We poured a 10 by 10 concrete pad with two 4x4s in it, and then used them to make a rafter to hang our chains from to hold the mowers up. The pad was nice because as you know, if you drop bolts in dirt, they are a ***** to find. Also, the pad is nice because after your done with servicing, you can then powewash the unit right there, without having gravel, dirt, etc flying all over the place. We put the pad away from our house, but still had air. <br>We ran a compressor hose from a compressor in the garage to the pad and left it there. We buried it in coduit under the gravel drive, and never had a problem with the line in 4 years. Air is the way to go! Not only can you change the blades faster, you can blow out your air filters to extend their life, fill the tires, use a air grease gun, blow off the mower engine, etc, etc.<p>Definitely get a compressor if you don't have one.<p> <p>
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    Thanks Steve, definitely a lot of food for thought there.<p>John

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