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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by John Siwinski, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone: I just bought my first Exmark mower, M4815KA and need some advice/ help with changing the blades. Is there a place that I get get some help ? Owner's manual is not very good on the details. Need to know #1- Do I lean the mower all the way back on the handlebars, #2- What size wrench or socket should I use, #3- Do the bolts loosen counterclockwise or clockwise. #4- also what is the factory setting for cutting height ?? Thanks, I'm looking forward to using my machine.
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    When changing blades there are a couple of things that can make life a whole lot easier. First I'd get a set of jack stands to hold the front of the mower up while working under the deck. You'll also need two 15/16" wrenches or a wrench, socket and breaker bar. I'd recommend not using a ratchet. You can use one but I've found they make don't work as well as a couple of good wrenches. You can also use a pneumatic or electric impact wrench which really makes blade changes MUCH easier.

    The Metro uses a "through" bolt with a nut on the top. You'll need to hold the bolt or the nut with one wrench and turn the other with the second wrench. It's a good idea to use gloves while doing this just in case wrench should slip. The blade bolts have a standard RH thread. When the mowers leave the factory the blade are usually pretty tight. This is reasonably important because a blade bolt that is not tight can "self" tighten during use making blade bolt removal much more difficult.

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