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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by vegandude, Sep 8, 2013.

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    20 years in now and I am trying to change the focus to doing shrubwork and gardening as in take care of everything accounts. I got it down as how to price for mowing and shrubwork but It seems like $60 an hour is really expensive to do stuff like weeding and etc. I have a few accounts right now that I do almost everything but I just don't know how to price everything. I am thinking maybe just bill for a certain number of hours extra per week or what they agree on and do what's necessary. any suggestions?
  2. $60/hr for weeding is a lot. That's why you need to sell them on chemical control where you do a pre-m say 3x/yr and then spot spray with roundup as needed.

    Gardening work like pruning and what not i don't think $60/hr is outrageous but you need to know what your doing. Billed hours works well on large properties imo. I would give a weekly price on smaller places that won't require a lot of hours.
  3. vegandude

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    I work by myself and don't have app license. hopefully weeding will be at a minimum but general upkeep on shrubs and general plant maintanance are what I am hoping to do mostly and mowing. pretty skilled on all three
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    Small props can get by with a half hour of weeding. That's $30 for the luxury of not having to pick weeds.

    Full service car wash is $27. People pay the $27 for the convenience. They pick their own weeds or they pay for the convenience.

    Can't get business such as electrician, plumbing, auto repair, painting, all will not charge less then $6O an hour.
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    I would stick with just mowing, a 60$ mow and blow will likely only bring 70 to 75$ if you add trimming and bed maintance. I rearly pull weeds, spray them or hit them each week with the string trimmer when there small.
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    Agreed on the whole post. As usual.

    Pre's make me a good bit of profit, keep the places looking nicer and free up a lot of time for me to charge people for the good stuff (tree work, sprinkler repairs, selectives....) IME, its easier to charge top dollar for that type of stuff than weeding. Weeding can be done by kids, Illegals and monkeys. Pruning roses for outward growth, rigging down dead tree limbs, and rebuilding an ASV, not so much.

    I'd look into getting my QAL if I were you. It was 50$ and about 3hours total (drive and testing)
    IDK if the testing for pesticides is different where your at, but its comically easy here. The (Q) Maintenance and gardeners lic. Has questions like
    What's a granular?
    Which of these is PPE?
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    The amount of weeding depends on the area not mowed and rainfall/irrigation. I have places that are 10 min mowing and up to 2 hours weeding. Have to charge the same rate or I won't do the weeding.
  8. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I charge $50 hour for my garden crew. My garden crew brings in 2 times the money my mow crew does.
  9. M&L

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    Are you charging less to mow, or are you using equipment that cost 25$/ hour to operate?
  10. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    Honestly, neither.

    I'm hitting my hourly rate for mowing, with older equipment. I barley mow anything. Most of my work is gardening, which has barley any equipment/fuel cost, but pays almost as well as mowing hourly rate wise.

    I'm in Oakland county MI though, and we have some uber wealthy people in the area. Our work load on the high end grew as the bigger companies crashed because of the economy.
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