changing business from mowing to shrub/gardening

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by vegandude, Sep 8, 2013.

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    That makes sense. Double the work load, less overhead. I forget there's other factors sometimes. Its been a long week.
    There's nothing wrong with running old Iron. I've got a snapper that's been re-powered 3 times. Front wheels, 2 sets of belts and 2 drive disk per motor. The hourly breakdown on that thing is pretty low haha
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    My price for bed maint is higher than mowing. Always just give a price, not by the hour. Saying 60 to clean up a bed that takes 45minutes, sounds cheaper than saying 50 and hour. For the most part the client is never there to see how much time you are there.
  3. Great point. I just pruned 3 trees for a client and gave a price per tree. Came out to $50/hr. Great thing is next time i do them it will take way less time cause they hadn't been done in over a year. 2 of them are trees that should get cut back twice per year here.

    If people absolutely want an hourly rate i will give them one. But it usually doesn't get to that.
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  4. Hey MS Im in your turf on vacation right now in Diego. All i see is fescue here lol. Everywhere I've gone to is near the coast though. Im sure if i went inland more id find bermuda. I love all the different plants here. Roses are plentiful and actually look great. People grow roses back home but with our rainy summers its a struggle to keep them looking good. I love the Canary's too. We have those too but with all the rain they never look like the ones out here.
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  5. Meant to write ML sorry
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    Drive up the 215 for a while haha. There are wild fluctuations with the landscapes here. You have coastal - constant 70's year round, The desertish area from Temecula to Merced, there's a barren wasteland a little eastward towards Mecca and then the forest up north.
    Once you go about 2-3 hours north, its like a totally different climate. And that's where your going to see mostly bermuda and a lot more drought tolerant plants.
    I'm about 6 hours north from there now. We get an actual winter and a summer that frequently hits 110 at the peak, so there is always stuff growing and stuff dying. Works for me, its provided year round work.

    In California, having a yard guy is not viewed as a luxury like most other parts of the states I've lived. Pretty much every one with a job hires it out. Hardly any one washes there own car, and no one cuts their own lawn.

    Send some of that weather up this way, its been mid-high 90's all week and still have 2 or 3 to go before it drops.
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    I like this approach. Seriously would rather mow, edge and trim than prune etc. I always up the bids for prunning and bed maintenance jobs in hopes I don't have to do them.
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    That's what I'm hoping to do. I don't know about testing here in Washington but I'll check. The whole idea of getting rid of most of the windshield time and bodywear is great. So many guys here do a completely crpp job on shrubs and pruning gear is cheaper to run than mowers.
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    That's exactly what I do, but it all boils down to man hours in the end.

    Today. New H/O, just starting a remod. I went a looked at it. Walked around, figured the hours, the material, the disposal. Went to the calculator, figured it all out, wrote the estimate, landed the job.

    My garden girl costs me more than most of you guys pay your guys, bit she takes my wife out with her and runs the site. They both love doing it, I've got 2 days a week now for them, the customers love em, and I make more money than I do with the mowing gig (me and a laborer)

    Im still trying to dial in my hourly rate for the gardening, as I know some around me are higher, the maid girls are cheaper to the client than my garden girl is to I'm in the middle, and gaining ground quickly. I've only been on my own for 5 years, taken no loans, pay cash foe everything no credit cards. I watch these guys pop up with new mowers and gone a year later.
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  10. Florida is kind of similar. South Florida we have tons of different palms(mostly tropical ones that you guys can't grow in cal) and lots of tropical plants. Once you hit central Florida there is a big drop off in a lot of palms and most tropicals. Then north Florida you have color change, more hardwood, and different plants plus 10-15 degree lower temps.
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