Changing cut hight on a Metro.


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Im looking to get either the 32" or 36" Fixed Metro and was curious on how much time it takes to switch the blade height. I know its easier on a floating deck but right now all I can afford is a fixed deck. The most I would have to change between homes would be maybe 1".



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I never have to adjust the height with the spacers on the spindles. I can do it with the front caster spacers. It takes about 20 seconds to change it.


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I agree with hoss, I did have to have the axle set up higher after buying mine so I could obtain a greater height of cut, I mow at an average of 3.5" here in MO.


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This is a bit off topic , but changing the height of cut by moving the front caster wheels up and down doesn't seem like a proper way to set up a mower deck to me.

I know most of the manufacturers do it this way, not just Exmark. If you consider that the floating deck systems usually have the mower hanging from four posts and you raise or lower the clip pin in each post , and this adjusts the deck up or down, but keeps it level at all height settings.

The Z riders also keep the deck level at all the height settings, so you get the same precise level cut at 2 or 3 or 4 inches.

The thing that bothers me about adjusting the deck by moving only the front guage wheels is the forward tilt [low in front, high in back] that the mower blades are forced into at a lowered setting. If the guage wheels are adjusted up, this tilts the blades to higher in the front and causes the rear of the blade to tilt back and downward.

How can the deck maintain the quality and levelness of the cut with the blades being tilted maybe as much as 1 1/2 to 2 inches up and down in the front, but no compensating adjustment made in the rear end of the mower deck ?

If you were to tilt the adjustment of the mower deck on your Z rider by this much distance , the yard would look like crap. The adjustment on all these rider mowers [any brand] is 1/8 to 1/4 inch lower in front than the rear - just the tiniest bit of forward tilt.

The same is true of the floating mower deck machines in pro walk behinds. Look it up - they all want it just a touch lower in front than in the back end.

So how can they get a decent cut out of the mowers that are tilted as much as 2 inches forward and back ?

Will you really be able to get more than just an "acceptable" cut. Are the full floating and fully adjustable mowers the only ones that will give a perfect cut to the turf ?

What do some of you guys think ??


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I noticed the Gravely has fixed decks with a quick pin type adjustment. Seems logical. I've always wondered why so many manufacturers of fixed decks use the rear axle/blade spacers/front casters method, feeling there HAD to be a better way. The Gravely design just shows it is possible. And dont' think the others don't for cost reasons, because it looks to me like the Gravely costs the same or less and looks well built.

I have a fixed deck 32" and it's decent, but there are times when I wish I had a floater. In some markets you will be mowing some lawns at 2" and others at 4". The front casters will NOT change mowing height that much w/o causing deck pitch problems. If it's an inch or less you're probably ok.

Blade spacers used to change height cause other problems. Blades spaced too low in the deck and you have blowout, too high up in the deck and you lose vaccum and performance suffers, especially mulching.

I was mowing my own lawn here in S. Florida today for the first time and noticed that my ZTR with the handle controlled deck height adjustment came in very hany on some areas with stumps
and other obstacles to get over w/o blade strikes, and when changing from one type of grass (St. Aug at 3.25" to Bahia/weeds at 2" to cut down dead weeds from a recent treatment). It's so convenient to be able to pop up the deck when needed.

So, for that reason, If I used a wb a lot I would take a long look at brands that offered that feature (Husqvarna and Yazoo/Kees come to mind) as time savers. They probably can't be changed "on the fly" momentarily like with a ZTR and foot pedal, but you can at least change in a second or two after stopping.

But as always it depends on your budget and use for the mower. Just for gates and not used much? Fixed deck savings might be worth losing some flexibility. Daily use as your main mower? GEt the most capable mower you can afford.


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I have always done the same thing with the spacers on the front casters. Like Hoss said, takes about 20 seconds. Never have had a problem. I pretty much make it a habit to cut everyone the same height, so I dont have to mess around with them. On the rare occasion I have to raise or lower it an 1/2" its just a matter of moving the spacers around. Cuts fine....No big deal.