changing electric brakes on 16' tandem axle?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by henri4207, Mar 7, 2008.

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    A local landscaper has a 16' cargo trailer with ramp for sale for $2800, but needs new tires and new brakes. I have not taken the wheels off, so not sure what needs to be done as far as brakes go. Anyone know how much it cost for parts worst case scenario? I figured I could get the trailer for $2300-$2400 since this work needs to be done.

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    I just did my tandem trailer and it needed magnets, drums, pads and backing plates... parts alone ran me 750, and labor on top of that.
  3. GravelyNut

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    How hard depends on what parts need replaced. Disc or drum? Type of axles. Size brakes and axles. Type of brakes.

    If you can change brakes on a truck or car, you can handle it on a trailer. Figure $200 per axle as a minimum for cost worst case.
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    Magnets are about $20 each (if you need them) and I just buy new assembled backing plates and get the drums resurfaced if they need it. A new backing plate is about $50 i believe. All you do is unbolt the old one and bolt a new one in place. It would also be a good time to redo the bearings.

    I've redone the brakes on my trailer twice and it probably has 60k miles on it or so. It's never had magnets and just the last time were the drums resurfaced but they probably didn't need to be. I think I spent all of about $250 bucks.

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