Changing engine on a 52 Stander.

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    Hello I have 52 inch Wright Stander that I purchased in spring of 2000. It only has a 16hp Brigg's Vanguard recoil. I tried doubles on it but it slowed down rpm's to much, so I currently run only one double blade at the discharge. At idle the rpm's are 3500, with blades engaged it drops to 3300, while actually mowing they run about 3150 or less.

    The power seems to be lacking so I would like to replace it. The largest recoil engine I can find is a 18hp Vanguard that would bolt right on with no mods at all. But it hardly seems worth the swap to get 2 extra hp's. I'd like to put the 23 Vanguard electric start on, but I have a few questions.

    First will it fit?

    Second what parts will I need to convert the machine to electric start and how do I go about finding them?

    Third which model of the 23 Vanguard will I need(There are many different models, I know I need 1 inch shaft but not sure about amp's or alternators)?

    And Fourth if this engine won't work do you have any recommendations?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    MRPLOW - The largest Briggs engine we ever sold was a 20hp Vanguard with electric & recoil start. Maybe you could find a 20hp with recoil or put a recoil on an electric start 20. We don't sell Briggs engines anymore because Kawasaki's are in far more demand and are cheaper yet better. I'm not sure if the 23 Vanguard fill fit but I would bet that it would. We sell 52" Standers with 25hp Kawasaki's on them and I doubt that the 23 Vanguard is bigger.

    To change a 16 Vanguard over to any engine using factory electric start you will need:
    All new wire harnesses
    Started solenoid for certain engines that don't already have it.
    Key switch
    Battery box, cables, base, strap
    Choke cable for certain engines
    Clutch switch if yours now has the old toggle switch and if it does you will need to enlarge the mounting hole for the new one or buy a new dash and decal.

    You would need to order these from a Wright dealer unless they already have them in stock (unlikely that they have all of it).

    As for the engine spec, for electric start you need at least a 13 amp charging coil. For recoil start you need at least a 5 amp charging coil to run the clutch.

    I would recommend using a Kawasaki engine but the biggest one I know of that has a recoil is the 17 v-twin. If you want to save the cost of switching everything over to electric start, yet have a lot of horsepower, I would see what larger electric start engines are available that you could add a recoil to and then hook it up as a recoil only.

    Hope this helps,
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    If you realy want more power that bad, it probably would be more cost effective to sell your current mower and buy a new one with a larger engine. Just an opinion.

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