Changing grindin wheel?

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by honeydopm, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I bought a used 9000 off of Ebay and i bought a new grinding wheel from Magna Maticbut was unaware i needed a tool to get the old wheel off. Is there a way to do this without that tool?
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    Hello honeydopm,

    It is possible to change the wheel without our spanner wrench, but it is difficult and there the chance to cause some minor cosmetic damage.

    The easiest is to use a "punch" and hammer. You'll proably need a friend to hold the wheel with a their hand (use a heavy leather glove) and/or use a small block of wood to block the wheel from turning. Place the punch in one of the two holes in the arbor (where the wrench would engage) and tap the punch with the hammer. The damage I mentioned will be that you will mar and deform the hole(s) in the abor nut making a wrench fit loose later if you get one.

    IMPORTANT !!!! The arbor has a left-handed thread - CLOCKWISE TO LOOSEN!!!

    Depending on the age of the unit you bought our older models only came with one wrench - and everything from 2007 on comes with 2 wrenches to remove the wheel.

    See info in the manual here:

    The older MAG-9000 can be updated to the new style with 2 wrenches, you would need to buy the 9000-20 ARBOR / 9000-21 spanner wrench / 9000-53 arbor wrench - and then your machine would be up to the latest equipment.

    Link to replacement parts and parts diagrams

    When you have this wheel off - or try to look behind the wheel with a flash light - IF your ARBOR has 2 square notches in the steel behind the grinding wheel you will not need a new 9000-20 arbor - you will only need the wrenches.

    Let me know if you have more questions.
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    Not looking to rain on anyone's parade ... but here's a few thoughts ...

    Bicycle stores sell spanner wrenches for the stem nuts (the stem of the handlebars that goes through the frame's neck) (if you are into motorcycles, this is known as the Triple Trees). These wrenches are curved and have a square projection which just may fit the arbor's notch.

    Also, the el cheapo "dollar like stores" that carry the Cal-Hawk brand of el-cheapo automotive tools often carry an adjustable dual pin spanner tool which may fit the outer "nut". Funny - last weekend I was in such a store and they had a few of these for a few dollars each.

    I'd prefer using the Magna-Matic tools as the length is far longer and will give you the proper leverage.

    But hey, any tool in a pinch as long as it gets the job done without damage!!

    Since you got the 9000, you won't be changing wheels often - so whatever works for you is what counts.

    If you are handy with tools, take a piece of bar stock, drill two holes at proper span, and press in a couple of roll pins with the proper OD.

    You know, I bet I could make one to fit my cordless hammer drill with adjustable torgue/speed.

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