Changing hydro oil in a Super-Z

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PEVO, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. PEVO

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    OK folks any tips? I'm changing for 10-40 oil to a 20-50syn blend. How can i best get the most of my old oil out of the hydro system. I know to pull the filter & Disconnect the tank return line to drain the tank, but what about the pumps & motors...what do i need to do to get the old oil out of them? Or should i not need to worry about it & change what i can?
  2. ProStreetCamaro

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    I wouldnt worry about it if it were me. If you really want to change it 100% the only thing you can do is get 2 filters and a bunch of the new oil you want to use and change then run then change then run then you should have 99% of the old stuff out.

    I had a cap on a hydro unit leak water in the system over winter a couple years ago. Talk about a mess and a nightmare. The whole hydro system looked like chocolate milk. I bought a bunch of new filters and oil and keep changing it till it finally flowed crystal clear. Hasnt been a problem since thank god.
  3. PEVO

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    Well i changed my hydro filter & oil today. No way around it...MESSEY JOB. I had to remove the battery to get at the filter (which was tight as hell!) & i droppd the top end of the oil return hose to drain the reseverior to drain the old oil out. I didn't think i'd ever get the old filter broke loose...but eventually it did. I filled up the new filter/oil & hand tightened it & gave it about another 1/2 turn with the filter wrench. I refilled with fresh oil. I then jacked up one rear wheel at a time, Jumped the safety switch on the seat(so i could start it with the seat up). started the motor to just over idle & slowly engaged the wheel motors forward & backward for about 5 minutes on each side. All the while i watched to oil level on the tank & added oil as needed. Everything works fine. No chucking or jerking due to air in the sytem.!
  4. mx495

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    Are you sure it's OK to put 20w50 when it calls for 10w40???
  5. PEVO

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    My dealer recommended it. I bought the syn. blend oil & filter from them! The owner of the dealership suggested it. They change all there customers hustlers out to this. Appearently the few hydo failures they have seen disappeared when they went to this synthentic blend & 20-50w weight. This is Central Tx. & typically summer starts around april & lasts till the middle of november...Hot, dusty & dry...with typical temps around 100. Well the 100s are usually from may till september, 90 to upper 90s most of the time.
  6. Sammy

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    Why bother with a blended oil ? Of course you could blend your own.
    Just drain some of the old out and add some Mobil one. :) Thats what I did.

    I forget where I saw it, but, someplace said blended oil was only about 3% - 7% syn.

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