Changing occupations, becoming professional haggler

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kc2006, May 20, 2005.

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    I'm changing my position at my business, no longer am I owner/operator, i'm now the owner/haggler. It seems as though anymore we need to become just pro hagglers with people. I just got back from giving the estimate to a very large clean up and mulch install, it was 3400 and some ot dollars with tax. The fellow at the house is looking at it and was wondering about the price and I said your going to be alot cheaper if you don't have us remove all the old mulch from the beds. And this was music to his ears payup so he has me refigure it without taking the mulch out and it was 2700 and some. This is much better to him, he said he planned on only spending 2500. Well the guy is some big shot Arab business man, big time hardballer for price. He agreed to the 2700 because he waited 7 weeks before commiting and now the house looks like crap even though its a good 1/4 mill home. I was worried from the beginning that he'd agree to whatever price and then want more work done as I was there so in the contract it clearly states that the price is for only the work writen down and agreed upon, any extra work is $30 per man hour. So I was alittle safe on that part. Then I showed him in the contract that I will need 30% before we start to cover for material this way if he desides he doesn't want the work done while I'm rolling up with all the mulch and other material then I'm coverd. When he saw that he almost dropped the paper and walked away and said no...thanks, bye. I said ok sir than you very much and was about to get in the truck to leave, then he stopped and starts to BS with me, he's trying to get me to do it with no down payment and no contract now, I said there's no possible way I can do that, I've been burnt too many times sir. He finally got to the point where he said bring him a reciept for mulch and he'll pay on the spot but I still declined. I've had a few in the past that were nice as could be and then next day are wacko and I got screwed out of a few hundred, no more for me.

    But I managed to sign him up for weekly mowing, and he signed the contract for that, mowing I'm ok with but a large scale job with this guy would be horrible I think. The guy knew his stuff too, gotta be a hardballer to play in his court. Just wanted to share, it was an interesting time, glad I stuck to my guns though :blob3:
  2. Green Pastures

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    I don't haggle.
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    Yep! This is the price. payup Take it or leave it.
  4. kc2006

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    Thats how I am too. I was joking about becoming the haggler.

    I've been listening to DFW on the board here about when your turned down make it sound like your perfectly fine with it and they'll come back, thats what I did (and i was perfectly fine with it) and sure enough he didn't get 3 steps away before he stopped playing hard a$$ and he started to try to work with me. I told him how it was and said if you can't work with that thanks but your going to have to find someone else.
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    so you think a $250,000.00 house means something????

    here you can't even get a lot for that..
  6. kc2006

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    sorry 3/4mill house, typo.

    Different areas different prices. This house is huge with 4 yes 4 caddy's in the garage.

    I'm just hating the fact that everyone wants something for nothing. And it's always the big homes that are the hagglers. I guess it is true about the different classes and how they spend, the rich keep the money to them selves, the middle class homes (like where I live) would rather just pay whatever the cost is so they don't have to do it (probably from having to work all day), heck I've even had lower class homes pay on time and don't haggle about price! Its just crazy, if I had big bucks and didn't have to work I wouldn't care, just pay whatever to get it done.
  7. Aussie Topcat

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    Never haggled, never would!

    We work to a standard, not down to a price!

    I had (HAD) a client about 2 weeks ago, asked me to trim a larger tree & take away some green waste, so i quoted a price, booked it in a couple of days later- i turned up the clients starts to barter!

    "I was insulted"

    So I Made my day fun, i finished most of the job "BUT" i have left half the green waste under the tree, only the real hard work!

    I went to the door with the bill, i got paid, once the money was in my hand out comes the client :) Thanks the tree looks great now.
    me- Yes, i do what i am paid for!
    client- what about the rest of this rubbish-

    me, when you lowered my quote by $30.00, i only left $30.00 worth for you! :rolleyes:

    When you can afford it, call me and i can finish the job for my price, :p

    Enjoy you Day,

    ps, never haggle- it's not worth it! :waving:
  8. kc2006

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    haha thats great, I think there would have been alot of that going on with this guy, thats why in the contract it states that the price agreed upon is for the work agreed upon, any extra work requested would be charged an hourly rate of 30 per man hour. This scared him off too, I think he intended on standing there and barking orders for more work to be done.

    And don't worry, I don't haggle with the customers, sign of weakness then they walk all over you, I don't let that happen. It is what it is, you want it cheaper then I'll do less work.
  9. shortgut

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    They might be broker than you , all his money might be going into the house cars and insurance but it seems the ones that have the most money are to worse of the worse about not wanting to pay you a fair price for your work and the ones that do not have it sometimes say you sure that is enough for what you are doing for me I have had 3 customers tell me that this year so far and I keep saying yes it is enough but I wish I had more customers like you that realize that cost have gone up 2 of the 3 are owners of their own companies
  10. nocutting

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    "Customers are Crazy", the only way I reduce a price is to reduce the work, not like I'm havein a Lawn/ Landscape Auction? payup

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