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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Meier, Jul 13, 2003.

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    If a customer is on your schedule for Wednesday and you need to move the customer to Monday or Tuesday, how hard is it to do? What are the risks of cancellation when doing this?

    I've moved customers back in the week, from Tuesday to Wednesday, for example. Everyone pretty much liked that. But now that I'm getting more accounts, eventually I'll need to move customers in the other direction, from later in the week to earlier in the week.

    I think it goes without saying that almost all residential customers would, in a perfect world, choose Friday service if they had their choice.

    Anyone charge a premium for Thursday/Friday service? How much extra? Does the premium charge make up for lost drive time?

    One last thing: I'm planning on scheduling M-Th and saving Friday as a make up day. Anyone else doing this?

    DFW, TX
  2. T.E.

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    I guess everyone is different, but I schedule wed. as my off day. Why? I use it for overflow of work that I don't get done,scheduling odd work, extra work, etc. Also if it rains during the week I'm not already behind when I start my heavy days, which are Thurs. Fri. I tell people that if they request Thurs. or Fri. it will cost more, how much? just according to the property,and how desperate they are for one of those days.

    When at times I have to move a customer most of them seem to understand. Example: Third week of Aug.Thurs and Fri customers will be Wed and Thurs. that week : reason? Daughters Wedding I don't think there will be a problem if I let them know ahead of time. :)
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    I haven't been on schedule one day this year. I have shown up just about every day of the week for every customer. Thanks to the weather. People don't usually complain.
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    We tell our customers that we front load our schedule to the beginning of the week. I tell them that we only work M-F, so we can't afford to cut everyone on Friday, what if it rains. 80% of our mowing (# of customers) are completed by Wednesday afternoon, leaving some on Thursday and only one on Friday to cut. We use Friday as our overflow day or do extra bed maintenance. If it doesn't get done by Friday it waits until Monday.

    I think it's very fair to explain to a customer that though you realize that they would prefer to be cut later in the week that in order to accomdate your route order that you'll need to put them on xx day. When you get the new customer asking about a later cut in the week then you can simply say our crew (or that crew) is in this area on xx day. I can send the crew to your property on Thursday since they are on a scheduled route at xx. The more crews you have the easier it is to manipulate the schedule a little bit.

    We're firm about our dates - generally the customer lives with it. If they don't like it they'll have to find someone else.

    Remember, you want to do a good job for the customer and just as the customer wants to have a good relationship with you, the customer needs to be the right fit for you to have that relationship. If they can't work into your schedule then they're not the right customer for you.
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    Residentials want later in the week mows.
    Upcharge for Friday = NOT!
    What happens if you can't make it Friday, do you mow at a discount?
    Officially, I schedule M - F, starting with Friday and worked backward.
    Make up times are done ASAP and in order I would have cut in the first place.
    There's no reason I see to move anyone because you get a new client that wants a day that's already filled. They get the next available open time slot, (filling the week in reverse).
    Why complicate things (my life)?

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