Changing size of font in Quickbooks register

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by NHgreen, Jan 15, 2003.

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    We have just gone to the newest version of Quickbooks Pro, and are having difficulty managing the font size of the screen checkbook register. The font is too small, and there seems to be no info in the manual (printed or onscreen) as to how to increase it. The problem appears to be that the number of transaction lines is so great (around 20 viewable at once) that the font is compressed. We can increase the size of other icons, etc. through Windows, but it doesn't help with Quickbooks. ANy ideas??? Many thanks.
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    I'm not sure you can. We have Pro 2002 and the only fonts I have seen that can be changed are when you're in the Reports section and invoices (customizing templates).

    You might try calling (888) 320-7276 (phone support) for QBs. Hope that helps...
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    At the bottom left of the register is a check box that says "1 line".

    This is right under the "splits" box.

    If you check that box, that changes the display to one line per entry.

    If you take the check out, you will have 2 lines per entry, and a larger font. This is on QB 2001 but I believe it will be the same for 2002.
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    Right click on your desktop, choose properties then settings.
    Next click on the advanced button and in the display area you can choose DPI setting for default fonts in windows (and in QB) Change this to 120 instead of 90 and restart windows. This is for XP not sure of other windows. If you are using 1024x768 screen size this is great.

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