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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Cutting_perfection, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Quick question for you all out there, I have a laser z and a turf tracer 60 in, and i cant change the stupid blades without three guys under the mower and a bar to pull on the wrench, is there something im missing, ive been doing this for about a year now and am sick of it, also you park you mower on your trailer gate to change them or jack the mowers up? thanks for your help

    Cutting Perfection
  2. gunpowder

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    I use a jack in the shop and an impact to take them off... a torque wrench to put them on.

    Hints to try:

    Replace the cup washers.
    USe a torque wrench every time to put them on.
  3. JB1

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    we put a floor jack under the deck jack it up, impact them off and impact them back on, have never used a torque wrench on any blade bolts and never had any problems.
  4. 3Bladz

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    Are the threads clean? Put grease or anti seize on the bolts. I use an engine hoist and a 14v impact to change bladz everyday.
  5. JustinM010

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    I use and have used for 5 years a Jungle Jack ( ). It was recommended by my local eXmark dealer and I would never use anything else. It is SO light, fast and easy to use and provides great clearance for deck cleaning/blade changing, etc. I also use an impact wrench with my air compressor to get the bolts off. With the Jungle Jack and impact wrench I can change all three blades in 3 minutes tops.

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