Changing the Hydro Fluid

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by banjoman, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. khutch

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    I am guessing Stens sells a couple thousand filters a year - If someone on this board had a failure let's hear about it and let everyone know.

    I do not buy the cheapest crap that I can find, but an $8 Kaw filter at the dealer vs. a free Puralator at Auto Zone w/ oil purchase, that's a no brainer for me....
    I did just lay out $22.50 for an Exmark hydro filter, so I guess I don't have the nutz to buy non-OEM all the time....
  2. piston slapper

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    If your mower is still under warranty...using factory filters is money in your pocket..
    You wouldn't want to give them a reason to deny a warranty claim...

    Personally...I like the stens hydro filters...I installed hundreds of them on my customers Exmarks and Dixie Choppers..
    The factory filters come with a 90 day warranty against defect...Stens filters have a 1 year warranty...and they stand behind it..
    The stens hydro filter is a true 10 micron filter...which Exmark recommends..I believe Dixie uses a 40 micron filter because it is a high volume system...
    However...I never had a single issue by using the 10 micron filters on Dixie Choppers..actually...hydro failures decreased as a result of better filtration of the fluid...
    The only hydro filters that I have seen that regularly cause problems are the plain white ones with no writing on them..
    They clog ...and then the pump grenades....seen a bunch of them...I can see why the manufacturer doesn't put their name on them..
  3. Landrus2

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    I'm With you 100% on this one :waving:

    ACME LANDSCAPE LawnSite Member
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    people are putting magnets in their hydro tanks ? what size magnet if so ?
  5. show-n-go

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    I don't know about hydro filters but the Acura dealer that I worked for cut a fram in half and a Honda filter in half and the difference was amazing. I won't use fram anything to this day.
  6. banjoman

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    I changed the oil today and installed the 2 Stens filters. After calling 2 different mower repair shops, they told me the Stens filters were great filters and they would work with no problems at all. The hopper is pulling much better now after the fluid change. Ive noticed a lot of hydro ZTR's and WB's call for the Mobil 1 15w-50 oil for hydro fluid. Is there a reason behind this?
  7. Patriot Services

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    Right weight and has great heat tolerance and anti wear additives.
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  8. BigFish

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    Yeah, I wouldn't put a Fram on a lawnmower! IMHO they're junk!
  9. BigFish

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    Actually most hydro pump mfg's don't really specify synthetic! However, most all of the equip. mfg's specify Mobil1 or another brand of synthetic.
    Prolly has to do with heat tolerance and lubricity/ shear strength and other such BS. ( more likely, you scratch my back etc)
  10. Patriot Services

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    Some filters use weird mediums that can cause problems. Hastings uses a wadding that has been known to reduce pressures.
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