Changing the hydro oil on Exmark w/b

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gruneich Lawn Care Inc., Apr 11, 2001.

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    I am in need of some help, its time to change the oil on the hydro system of my Turf Tracer walk behind. I have never done it before, im just looking for how to do it, and if anybody has some tips on how to change it. I did a search but couldn't find anything dealing with the changing of the oil.

    Thanks Nick
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    I have a 36" Exmark w/b. I've used it for five years and have changed the hydro oil after each season is over. I would rather have fresh fluid sit in the system in the off-season than last year's fluid.

    In short, it is a messy job. There is no clean way. I put my rear drive wheels on auto ramps, back up the machine. This gives me clearer access to the underside on the rear of the machine. I use a standard oil drain container that I use for changing oil in my vehicles to catch the fluid. I make sure the right side wheel is at the extreme inside edge of the ramp so that the pan will cover as much of the fluid as possible.

    Have a new filter ready to go. Simply screw off the spin-on filter and let it drain out. I run the machine for a few minutes so that the fluid is at least warm. The draining ony takes a couple of minutes. Remember there is no drain plug, just taking off the filter does the draining.

    Fill the resivior with one quart of Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic fluid. One quart should cover the divider plate inside the tank.

    Now the key is to get the system "reprimed." Since the fluid was taken out of the system, when you restart the engine, the new fluid isn't propogated through the system yet. There is air in the lines. I have found no better way than to simply engage the speed control lever and push it off the ramps. One wheel may drive pretty well, while the other will not drive at all. Just keep the control lever enganged (I use engine on mid-idle and speed control lever on 2, not fast but enough that the machine should drive. I am unsure if it runs "dry" for some period of time some damage may occur, so I take it easy. Sometimes it may take a couple of minutes to drive the air out and for the full fluid drive to work properly. Again, you may have to push the machine for a few yards. After it seems to be OK, I drive it around for several minutes. This January, I even had problems after it sat for a few days. I just pushed it a few feet, the fluid drive took hold and it was OK after that. Apparently, some air was still trapped.

    This is my procedure. Others may have a different one that works just as well.
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    I have a turf tracer hydro and I do about the same thing as rodger does but I use a jack under mower to lift the wheels off the ground and make priming the pumps easier and safer than on the ground.Also aren`t you supposed to fill the new filter with fluid to help prime the pumps.Nick go to click on tech support at the top of page and you can get the manual for your machine right online and even print it out.

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