Changing the name of your business.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PerfiCut L&L, Jul 22, 2007.

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    We are a fairly well established business, growing about 20% per year in our lawn care services. However, in the past couple of years we have started hitting the hardscape market fairly hard and are doing well. However, its been my experience that your company names says a lot about what you do. With this in mind, customers tend to contact companies whose names pertain to the work they are seeking. It only makes sense. You wouldnt necessarily contact a plumber for electrical work, nor would you call an auto mechanic to fix your A.C.

    It is our goal to limit our growth in the lawn care market and concentrate more on hardscaping. Since our current business name does not reflect hardscaping, pavers, retaining walls and such, I know we are missing out on potential customers.

    I am giving some thought into changing the business name to reflect our new business goal. However, I'm not sure of what negative impact this might bring. I feel, the more often people see you, your name, and co logo, the more reputable you become. (Assuming you do good work of course). Customers naturally get a sense of business success (or more likely a reputable company) the more (years) they see your around. I feel our name has been out there long enough, that people now are contacting us just because they know we have been around a while and are not some here today gone tomorrow company.

    I'm not too concerned with our current customers. Informing them should not be a problem, as long as they know they will still get the same service. However, changing to a new name, I expect will be like starting over with respect to reputation. To the consumer, its just another new name in the phone book.

    Anyone have any experience with changing names for a similar reason, that mat be able to offer some advise on what I can expect.
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    why not open a subsidiary or division of perficut? It would just be easier then filing again, getting a new tax id, and d&B number.
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    I know my name sounds like a financial services name
    but we did it so we can dave divisions
    The Smarse Group
    Lawn Care and property services division
    Property Management
    Hard scape division
    ect,,,,,,,,soon, realestate holdings

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