Changing Times


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It seems like this year, I've lost several customers because they're moving to condos..Alot of my customers are elderly and I guess that just goes with the territory, but this year just seems worse..Some younger people are also moving to them..I guess I need to bid on more condos...Does anyone else have this problem??I've also had several customers to die this year..(weird year..)..Has anyone else had these problems???How many customers have you all lost because of these same problems???thanks,..Clean-Cut


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It may seem odd that a disproportionate number of your customers died or moved this year. This is simply a coincidence and should just be figured into the normal turnover we all experience. Since these events are uncontrollable by you I would simply not worry about it.


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I have had four out of sixty customers die this year. I chalk it up to my clientele getting older. Their spots have already been filled by other elderly homeowners, and the cycle continues...


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Customers dieing and moving happen usually in cycles. Some years are worse than others. You constantly need to be drumming up new business to replace them.


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It seems as if the baby boomers (the group with the most $$$) are at the age where the kids are gone, the house is paid for, and they are at the age where they don't want to maintain a house anymore. I lost several to condo's this past year.


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I was wondering why you would lose the property, if your customer dies the house stays there. Do you actively try to keep the grass job there. If the house is sold do you go to see the new owners right away to see if they require your services. Last year I was going to make up some fliers to give to real estate companies and to new homeowners. I was going to suggest hiring us to look after the property until they get settled in and would have time to do the yard work. Some of these customers would realize how nice it is to not have to do the lawnwork and you would keep them. As it was I got too busy at work and couldn't handle any more work so the idea was shelved for awhile, but now is the time to think about it again.