Chanticleer Pear pest? problem??

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    I need some help identifying what is going on with this pear tree. The owner says this tree was always healthy until he had someone come and root feed it a few years ago. Then he noticed some dying out in the crown. ( I'm guessing that is not the problem.)
    It looked to have never been thinned out so I started with that. While pruning, I came across a strange zig-zag pattern in the bark, where the tree sent out new growth just below it. I thought it was some sort of borer, maybe pear borer, but there are no tunnels under the zig-zags. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included pics of the zig-zags which I pruned off, as well as pics of underneath the zig-zag pattern.

    Thanks for any help or ideas!

    IMG_1624 copy.jpg

    IMG_1623 copy.jpg

    IMG_1625 copy.jpg

    IMG_1615 copy.jpg

    IMG_1616 copy.jpg
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    These shapes first lead me to think of some wire used during the growing process or for bracing. However, I see a nub in one appears to have a canker disorder from improper pruning and disease set in. Canker can grow in irregular and regular patterns. I find it obvious that the new growth or stress sprouts is coming back in under the cankered areas. The sap flow is rendered useless as the cambium layer is destroyed. I am curious also about frost cracking. In Ohio, what was the weather patterns like a month or more in the spring? Did your temperatures go back and forth? These trees have sensitive barks and buds.

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