Charge extra for ovewrgrown laws?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JR Lawns, Aug 14, 2003.

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    Don't you feel you should be paid more?

    What ever you answer to that question is the answer. It's not a trick question..............;)
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    i took on 4 jobs for this one guy and gave him a good price because hes the kind to generate more business for me and after i gave the price he says he only wants them mowed every three weeks so how can i tell him now that i need to charge more because the grass is alot thicker
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    Oh, he used the old "I can get you more work" thing to get a better price? That's an old one. Maybe he will, maybe not. You're gonna have to tell him the price you gave was for a normal mowing, and from now on, ask new customers about frequency of mowing before giving a price. Bush hogging costs more, as you may have to use a different machine.
    I went to a job yesterday, an every other weeker that cancelled last week. With all of the rain this year, this lawn is overgrown after two weeks. I knew it'd be bad yesterday. I got there, after everyone else was caught up, and wow, it was tall. Knocked on door, told them that it was going to be an extra 20 dollars today, and that with all the rain this year, it should be getting cut weekly. This is the lawn I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, the "sick" guy. I was talking to his wife, she said "I'll have to ask him," I said, that I would wait. In other words, nothing gets unloaded until we are straight on a price. She said "He said go ahead, " and as I'm talking to her, he's muttering in the other room, just out of clear hearing. So I start cutting, and while I'm out back, making my pass around the whole place, they leave as they sometimes do, so he doesn't have to smell those nasty fumes. I see the envelope in the front door, so, after cutting a diagonal across the front yard, I stop and get the envelope. I usually don't look for payment until I'm done, but his muttering makes me wonder if he shorted me. If so, I'm gonna shove the money under the door and leave. Well, full payment was there, and I mowed everything twice. First I pulled the signs off my truck. I don't want to be known as the guy who will mow once a month. This is the next customer I am fireing, I think. My Scag was not happy, bush-hogging this mess. I'm gonna tel them that there is a guy in the newspaper that advertises bush-hogging with a farm tractor.


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