Charge for digging post holes?


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I hate to run things off subject here but a customer wants us to dig some post holes for her fence being put in. ANy of you guys into this side of things? If so what the heck do i charge for this? Im sure some of this depends on the soil conditions and if you own the equip. or not. We will ahve to rent a post hole digger, and i have to check the soil out today. Any ideas? Thanks alot.

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Originally posted by syzer
a customer wants us to dig some post holes for her fence being put in.

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Who's putting the fence in? They should be doing it. The only bad thing about this, is if it's even a LITTLE off, any OTHER flaw in their workmanship, they can just blame you. I don't think I'D be doing it. That's kind of like someone else backfilling and fertilizing plants you just installed. Just my thoughts, good luck!


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You may need a survey if its on the property line. Also a permit.
I just put up a 100ft fence for a horse.
Post hole digging is rough work.
Don't know about the money side. This was for my daughters Mustang.
One fence guy I know charges 450.00 a 1/4 mile plus material.


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Dig hole for 4" fence posts by hand

Dig hole for 4" fence posts, by hand (light soil)
8" diameter, 2' deep, typical
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
B1@.136 Ea 0.00 3.11 3.11

Here are numbers from construction estimator. Does not include ovhd or profit. Just add your margin.

Make sure you get utility locator to locate lines for you prior to digging.

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Home depo or hardware stores have post beams. They are like the ones you put you mailbox in with, we put in a small post type fence up using 36" ones pounding them in the ground then bolt fence post in it, it has worked great and has survived 2 Maine winters too. Check into these if fence isnt too long you wont have to dig.


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runners right! there is too much money in building fence for you to dig the holes and give someone else the profit!

sorry, no flame intended, but for you to dig the holes for someone else to build the fence is nutty!

now if the customer will pay ten bucks per hole/15 inches deep/4 inches wide in a light sandy loam soil that is real moist, that's a different story!


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I built deck for awhile and we charged $30.00 a hole but we had a gas powered auger. 8" diameter, 36" deep


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I do quite a lot of fence installation as a sideline to landscape maintenance. This can be very profitable if you have the right equipment. I have an auger made by eager beaver that I bought new with an 8" bit for about $1700. I charge an average of $35.00 per hole for installation and repair work. I learned this trade while in high school and college working for a friend of the family. I get a lot of referal work from big fence companies that don't want to be bothered with small jobs. This type of work help fills in during the slow months. Saved me during the drought we had here in the Northeast last year.
Maybe Chuck could start another forum for side jobs of this type of work.

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Start a thread on this on the Off Topic Forum and I bet you will get lots ideas of off season projects to make money. That forum is really taking off and that's what it's there for. I can move this thread to that forum and you will have a start.

I grew up on a farm and I've done lots of fencing there and since I moved away from the farm. It can be a money maker.

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